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Jones, MA (2006) 'Sardinia.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) The Dialects of Italy. UNSPECIFIED, 376 - 384. ISBN 9781138006782, 0415111048

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Vowels All dialects have a basic five-vowel system with simple neutralization of the Latin length distinction (see Ch. 1): [i] [u] [el [3] [a]. In Campidanese, this is reduced to a three-way contrast in word-final syllables by raising etymological [el and [3] to [i] and [u] (Carnpid. ['mari] 'sea', ['kantu] 'I sing' vs. Log.-Nuor. ['mare], [ 'kanb]). All dialects show metaphony of mid vowels ([el -t [el, [3] -t [o]) when the vowel of the following syllable is high ([i] or [u]): ['solu] 'alone' (M), ['beni] 'come' (imp.). However, this process does not apply in Campidanese when the following [i] or [u] results from word-final raising: ['sAi] 'sun', ['beni] 'well' (cf. Log.-Nuor. ['s3le], ['bene]). Mid vowels are raised (to [el, [o] in Logudorese, to [i], [u] in Campidanese) immediately before another vowel: Log-Nuor. ['meal, Campid. ['mia] 'my' (Fsg.).

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