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Function spreading in coordinate structures

Sadler, Louisa (2006) 'Function spreading in coordinate structures.' Lingua, 116 (11). pp. 1777-1806. ISSN 0024-3841


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We propose an analysis in lfg of a particular asymmetric sentential coordination pattern in Welsh. In this construction, the main verb of the first clause is marked for tense and the remaining conjuncts have non-finite verb forms. This single instance of tense marking (occurring on the finite verb of the first conjunct) is semantically interpreted with respect to each conjunct. The coordinate structure also shares a single subject. In this paper we show how the approach to coordination in lfg can provide a simple and straightfoward analysis of this tense and subject asymmetric coordination pattern found in Welsh. The lfg approach to constituent coordination (a) posits an exocentric (or multiply-headed) coordinate schema at c-structure and (b) interprets coordinate structures as sets at f-structure. We extend the constituent coordination schema to permit the coordination of IP and VP, and postulate explicit "spreading" equations for the shared information. We show that the spreading analysis is also motivated by similar data from a range of typologically diverse languages. Finally, we show how the approach is superior to a structurally symmetric alternative involving VP level coordination, with the finite verb in I and the subject DP nodes outside the structural scope of coordination. © 2005 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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