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Media Representations and Public Attitudes towards Nanotechnology in Taiwan

Lin, Pei-Ling (2018) Media Representations and Public Attitudes towards Nanotechnology in Taiwan. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


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In order to provide a comprehensive and clear investigation of media representation and public attitude toward Nanotechnology (Nano) in Taiwan, this thesis includes three studies. Study 1 investigates the media representation of Nano in Taiwan and the relationship among different Nano-based themes, frames, and media attitudes in the Taiwan. Study 2 is attempts to make salient the most visible actors of Nano-related news in the Taiwanese media discourse and how the relationship among main actors, framing effects, and media attitudes toward Nano Study 3 explores the overview of the Taiwanese public attitude toward Nano and how the Taiwanese public attitude toward Nano is influenced by framing effects and public confidence in news sources. In short, the results of the above studies showed that the Taiwanese media attitude and public attitude toward Nano are both overwhelmingly positive. The impression and role of Nano in the Taiwanese media has been shaped as an emerging scientific idol which not only benefits public daily life but also increases the national interest and competitiveness of Taiwan. This is of concern, since there is little evidence that the public understands the risks associated with Nano. This lackluster public and media-related risk awareness regarding Nano is exacerbated by a weak connection between the public and scientists. Nano has become a vital component of future science and technology development and a potential competitive economic benefit for Taiwan in the global economy. However, the importance and necessity of increased and enhanced science communication regarding Nano has not kept pace with public interest or commercial production of Nano-based products that are quickly becoming ubiquitous in Taiwanese society.

Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
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