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Spatial chloroplast-to-nucleus signalling involving plastid-nuclear complexes and stromules

Mullineaux, Philip and Exposito Rodriguez, Marino and Laissue, Pierre Phillipe and Smirnoff, Nicholas and Park, Eunsook (2020) 'Spatial chloroplast-to-nucleus signalling involving plastid-nuclear complexes and stromules.' Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 375 (1801). ISSN 0962-8436

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Communication between chloroplasts and the nucleus in response to various environmental cues may be mediated by various small molecules. Signalling specificity could be enhanced if the physical contact between these organelles facilitates direct transfer and prevents interference from other subcellular sources of the same molecules. Plant cells have plastidnuclear complexes, which provide close physical contact between these organelles. plastidnuclear complexes have been proposed to facilitate transfer of photosynthesis-derived H₂O₂ to the nucleus in high light. Stromules (stroma filled tubular plastid extensions) may provide an additional conduit for transfer of a wider range of signalling molecules, including proteins. However, plastid-nuclear complexes and stromules have been hitherto treated as distinct phenomena. We suggest that plastid-nuclear complexes and stromules work in a coordinated manner so that, according to environmental conditions or developmental state the two modes of connection contribute to varying extents. We hypothesise that this association is dynamic and that there may be a link between plastid-nuclear complexes and the development of stromules. Furthermore, the changes in contact could alter signalling specificity by allowing an extended or different range of signalling molecules to be delivered to the nucleus.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Retrograde signalling, hydrogen peroxide, plastid-nuclear complexes, stromules, gene expression
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