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Co-variation and social meaning: the implicational relationship between (H) and (ING) in Debden, Essex

Cole, Amanda (2020) 'Co-variation and social meaning: the implicational relationship between (H) and (ING) in Debden, Essex.' Language Variation and Change. ISSN 0954-3945 (In Press)

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This paper investigates to what extent the differing social meanings held by linguistic features result in an implicational relationship between them. Rates of (H) and (ING) are investigated in the casual speech of 63 speakers from a Cockney community: Debden, Essex. The indexicalities of h-dropping in Debden (signalling Cockney heritage) are superordinate to and incorporate the indexicalities of g-dropping (working-class speech). This paper hypothesises that the features’ distinct but overlapping social meanings result in an implicational relation in terms of clustering effects at the within-speaker level and rates of co-variation at the between-speaker level. This hypothesis is confirmed: h-dropping implies g-dropping, but g-dropping can occur independently of h-dropping. The features’ differing social meaning are also related to rates of change. Young speakers are shifting away from linguistic features which index the community’s Cockney heritage (h-dropping; the [-Iŋk] variant of -thing words) in favour of more general, south-eastern, working-class norms (g-dropping).

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Additional Information: This paper has been accepted for publication and will appear in a revised form, subsequent to editorial input by Cambridge University Press, in Language Variation and Change published by Cambridge University Press. Copyright 2019 Cambridge University Press.
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