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DoF Analysis of the MIMO Broadcast Channel With Alternating/Hybrid CSIT

Rassouli, Borzoo and Hao, Chenxi and Clerckx, Bruno (2016) 'DoF Analysis of the MIMO Broadcast Channel With Alternating/Hybrid CSIT.' IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 62 (3). 1312 - 1325. ISSN 0018-9448

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We consider a K-user multiple-input singleoutput (MISO) broadcast channel (BC) where the channel state information (CSI) of user i(i = 1,2, .. ., K) may be instantaneously perfect (P), delayed (D), or not known (N) at the transmitter with probabilities λ P i , λ D i , and λ N i , respectively. In this setting, according to the three possible CSI at the transmitter (CSIT) for each user, knowledge of the joint CSIT of the K users could have at most 3K states. In this paper, given the marginal probabilities of CSIT (i.e., λ P i , λ D i , and λ N i ), we derive an outer bound for the degrees of freedom (DoF) region of the K-user MISO BC. Subsequently, we tighten this outer bound by considering a set of inequalities that capture some of the 3K states of the joint CSIT. One of the consequences of this set of inequalities is that for K ≥ 3, it is shown that the DoF region is not completely characterized by the marginal probabilities in contrast to the two-user case. Afterwards, the tightness of these bounds is investigated through the discussion on the achievability. Finally, a two user multiple-input multipleoutput BC having CSIT among P and N is considered in which an outer bound for the DoF region is provided, and it is shown that in some scenarios, it is tight.

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