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The development of the encoding of deictic motion in the Bantu language Rangi: Grammaticalisation and change

Gibson, Hannah and Belkadi, Aicha (2022) 'The development of the encoding of deictic motion in the Bantu language Rangi: Grammaticalisation and change.' Journal of African Languages and Linguistics, 42 (1). pp. 1-32. ISSN 0167-6164 (In Press)

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The close cross-linguistic relation between the domains of space and time has been well described. The frequent emergence of Tense-Aspect-Mood (TAM) markers from deictic motion verbs in particular, has also been extensively detailed in the literature. This paper focusses on the less well-known link between associated motion, a category of functional morphemes expressing (deictic) motion events, and TAM,in a language contact situation. Specifically, it provides a synchronic and diachronic description of three associated motion prefixes, joo-, tóó-and koo-, found in the Tanzanian Bantu language Rangi, spoken is an area of high linguistic diversity. It proposes that the prefix joo-encodes movement towards a deictic centre, tóó-encodes movement towards a goal which is not the deictic centre, and koo-encodes movement away from a deictic centre. It further contends that while tóó-and koo-have maintained a purely deictic function, joo-has grammaticalised to assume an additional function whereby it encodes future tense, possibly aided by the absence of a dedicated future tense marker in the language. This three-way morphological encoding of spatial relations on the verb form is not a common characteristic of East African Bantu languages. However, this paper proposes that the system in Rangi can be accounted for on the basis of cross-linguistically widely attested pathways of grammatical change.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Bantu languages, deixis, grammaticalisation, language change, associated motion, Rangi
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