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Is satisficing really satisfying? Satisficers exhibit greater threat than maximizers during choice overload.

Saltsman, Thomas L and Seery, Mark D and Ward, Deborah E and Lamarche, Veronica M and Kondrak, Cheryl L (2021) 'Is satisficing really satisfying? Satisficers exhibit greater threat than maximizers during choice overload.' Psychophysiology, 58 (1). e13705-. ISSN 0048-5772

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When selecting from too many options (i.e., choice overload), maximizers (people who search exhaustively to make decisions that are optimal) report more negative post-decisional evaluations of their choices than do satisficers (people who search minimally to make decisions that are sufficient). Although ample evidence exists for differences in responses after-the-fact, little is known about possible divergences in maximizers' and satisficers' experiences during choice overload. Thus, using the biopsychosocial model of challenge/threat, we examined 128 participants' cardiovascular responses as they actively made a selection from many options. Specifically, we focused on cardiovascular responses assessing the degree to which individuals (a) viewed their decisions as valuable/important and (b) viewed themselves as capable (vs. incapable) of making a good choice. Although we found no differences in terms of the value individuals placed on their decisions (i.e., cardiovascular responses of task engagement), satisficers-compared to maximizers-exhibited cardiovascular responses consistent with feeling less capable of making their choice (i.e., greater relative threat). The current work provides a novel investigation of the nature of differences in maximizers'/satisficers' momentary choice overload experiences, suggesting insight into why they engage in such distinct search behaviors.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: biopsychosocial model of challenge; threat; cardiovascular reactivity; choice overload; maximizing; satisficing
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