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Diverted by dazzle: perceived movement direction is biased by target pattern orientation.

Hughes, Anna E and Jones, Christian and Joshi, Kaustuv and Tolhurst, David J (2017) 'Diverted by dazzle: perceived movement direction is biased by target pattern orientation.' Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284 (1850). p. 20170015. ISSN 0962-8452

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'Motion dazzle' is the hypothesis that predators may misjudge the speed or direction of moving prey which have high-contrast patterning, such as stripes. However, there is currently little experimental evidence that such patterns cause visual illusions. Here, observers binocularly tracked a Gabor target, moving with a linear trajectory randomly chosen within 18° of the horizontal. This target then became occluded, and observers were asked to judge where they thought it would later cross a vertical line to the side. We found that internal motion of the stripes within the Gabor biased judgements as expected: Gabors with upwards internal stripe motion relative to the overall direction of motion were perceived to be crossing above Gabors with downwards internal stripe movement. However, surprisingly, we found a much stronger effect of the <i>rigid</i> pattern orientation. Patches with oblique stripes pointing upwards relative to the direction of motion were perceived to cross above patches with downward-pointing stripes. This effect occurred only at high speeds, suggesting that it may reflect an orientation-dependent effect in which spatial signals are used in direction judgements. These findings have implications for our understanding of motion dazzle mechanisms and how human motion and form processing interact.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Humans; Illusions; Orientation; Motion Perception; Judgment; Psychophysics; Movement
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