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Genomic Intelligence as Über Bio-Cybersecurity: The Gödel Sentence in Immuno-Cognitive Systems.

Markose, Sheri M (2021) 'Genomic Intelligence as Über Bio-Cybersecurity: The Gödel Sentence in Immuno-Cognitive Systems.' Entropy, 23 (4). p. 405. ISSN 1099-4300

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This paper gives formal foundations and evidence from gene science in the post Barbara McClintock era that the Gödel Sentence, far from being an esoteric construction in mathematical logic, is ubiquitous in genomic intelligence that evolved with multi-cellular life. Conditions uniquely found in the Adaptive Immune System (AIS) and Mirror Neuron System (MNS), termed the genomic immuno-cognitive system, coincide with three building blocks in computation theory of Gödel, Turing and Post (G-T-P). (i) Biotic elements have unique digital identifiers with gene codes executing 3D self-assembly for morphology and regulation of the organism using the recursive operation of Self-Ref (Self-Reference) with the <i>other</i> being a self-referential projection of self. (ii) A parallel offline simulation meta/mirror environment in 1-1 relation to online machine executions of self-codes gives G-T-P Self-Rep (Self-Representation). (iii) This permits a digital biotic entity to self-report that it is under attack by a biotic malware or non-self antigen in the format of the Gödel sentence, resulting in the "smarts" for contextual novelty production. The proposed unitary G-T-P recursive machinery in AIS and in MNS for social cognition yields a new explanation that the Interferon Gamma factor, known for friend-foe identification in AIS, is also integral to social behaviors. New G-T-P bio-informatics of AIS and novel anti-body production is given with interesting testable implications for COVID-19 pathology.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: genomic intelligence; biology as computation; mirror systems of Self-Ref and Self-Rep; liar/hacker/antigen; offline simulation; immuno-cognitive system; strategic innovation; novelty
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