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Low Ambiguity Zone: Theoretical Bounds and Doppler-Resilient Sequence Design in Integrated Sensing and Communication Systems

Ye, Zhifan and Zhou, Zhengchun and Fan, Pingzhi and Liu, Zilong and Lei, Xianfu and Tang, Xiaohu (2022) 'Low Ambiguity Zone: Theoretical Bounds and Doppler-Resilient Sequence Design in Integrated Sensing and Communication Systems.' IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 40 (6). pp. 1809-1822. ISSN 0733-8716

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In radar sensing and communications, designing Doppler resilient sequences (DRSs) with low ambiguity function for delay over the entire signal duration and Doppler shift over the entire signal bandwidth is an extremely difficult task. However, in practice, the Doppler frequency range is normally much smaller than the bandwidth of the transmitted signal, and it is relatively easy to attain quasi-synchronization for delays far less than the entire signal duration. Motivated by this observation, we propose a new concept called low ambiguity zone (LAZ) which is a small area of the corresponding ambiguity function of interest defined by the certain Doppler frequency and delay. Such an LAZ will reduce to a zero ambiguity zone (ZAZ) if the maximum ambiguity values of interest are zero. In this paper, we derive a set of theoretical bounds on periodic LAZ/ZAZ of unimodular DRSs with and without spectral constraints, which include the existing bounds on periodic global ambiguity function as special cases. These bounds may be used as theoretical design guidelines to measure the optimality of sequences against Doppler effect. We then introduce four optimal constructions of DRSs with respect to the derived ambiguity lower bounds based on some algebraic tools such as characters over finite field and cyclic difference sets.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Sensors; Radar; Doppler radar; Delays; Bandwidth; Wireless communication; Linear antenna arrays; Radar sensing and communications; ambiguity function; low ambiguity zone; theoretical bounds; Doppler resilience; spectral constraints; high mobility communications; optimal sequences
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