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Contesting hybridity: Evangelistas and kataristas in highland Bolivia

Canessa, A (2000) 'Contesting hybridity: Evangelistas and kataristas in highland Bolivia.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 32 (1). 115 - 144. ISSN 0022-216X


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Two of the most striking aspects of social change in recent decades in Latin America have been the rise of indigenist movements and the spread of evangelical Protestantism. To date they have been analysed separately, but this article shows that a comparison of the two in the context of Bolivia can prove highly productive. Although in many respects evangelismo and katarismo are diametrically opposed, there are some striking similarities. They draw their adherents from the same social base, undermine the notion of a homogeneous nation-state and also clearly reject the position of cultural mestizaje at the root of Bolivian state ideology. Thus, at a time when 'hybridised' cultural forms are supposed to be becoming more common in Latin America and around the world, these two social movements explicitly contest hybridity.

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