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Allum, N and Allansdottir, A and Gaskell, G and Hampel, J and Jackson, J and Moldovan, A and Priest, S and Stares, S and Stoneman, P (2017) 'Religion and the Public Ethics of Stem-cell Research: Attitudes in Europe, Canada and the United States.' PLoS ONE, 12 (4). ISSN 1932-6203

Roberts, C and Allum, N and Sturgis, P (2014) 'Nonresponse and measurement error in an online panel: Does additional effort to recruit reluctant respondents result in poorer quality data?' 337 - 362.

Stoneman, P and Sturgis, P and Allum, N (2013) 'Exploring public discourses about emerging technologies through statistical clustering of open-ended survey questions.' Public Understanding of Science, 22 (7). 850 - 868. ISSN 0963-6625

Stoneman, P and Sturgis, P and Allum, N (2013) 'Understanding support for complementary and alternative medicine in general populations: Use and perceived efficacy.' Health (United Kingdom), 17 (5). 512 - 529. ISSN 1363-4593

Stoneman, P and Sturgis, P and Allum, N and Sibley, E (2013) 'Incommensurable Worldviews? Is Public Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines Incompatible with Support for Science and Conventional Medicine?' PLoS ONE, 8 (1). ISSN 1932-6203

Allum, N (2011) 'What makes some people think astrology is scientific?' Science Communication, 33 (3). 341 - 366. ISSN 1075-5470

Sturgis, P and Brunton-Smith, I and Read, S and Allum, N (2011) 'Does ethnic diversity erode trust? Putnams hunkering down thesis reconsidered.' British Journal of Political Science, 41 (1). 57 - 82. ISSN 0007-1234

Sturgis, P and Read, S and Allum, N (2010) 'Does intelligence foster generalized trust? An empirical test using the UK birth cohort studies.' Intelligence, 38 (1). 45 - 54. ISSN 0160-2896

Sturgis, P and Allum, N and Brunton-Smith, I (2009) 'Attitudes Over Time: The Psychology of Panel Conditioning.' 113 - 126.

Allum, N and Sturgis, P and Tabourazi, D and Brunton-Smith, I (2008) 'Science knowledge and attitudes across cultures: A meta-analysis.' Public Understanding of Science, 17 (1). 35 - 54. ISSN 0963-6625

Allum, N (2007) 'An empirical test of competing theories of hazard-related trust: The case of GM food.' Risk Analysis, 27 (4). 935 - 946. ISSN 0272-4332

Bauer, MW and Allum, N and Miller, S (2007) 'What can we learn from 25 years of PUS survey research? Liberating and expanding the agenda.' Public Understanding of Science, 16 (1). 79 - 95. ISSN 0963-6625

Sturgis, P and Roberts, C and Allum, N (2005) 'A different take on the deliberative poll information, deliberation, and attitude constraint.' Public Opinion Quarterly, 69 (1). 30 - 65. ISSN 0033-362X

Gaskell, G and Allum, N and Wagner, W and Kronberger, N and Torgersen, H and Hampel, J and Bardes, J (2004) 'GM Foods and the Misperception of Risk Perception.' Risk Analysis, 24 (1). 185 - 194. ISSN 0272-4332

Sturgis, P and Allum, N (2004) 'Science in society: Re-evaluating the deficit model of public attitudes.' Public Understanding of Science, 13 (1). 55 - 74. ISSN 0963-6625

Sturgis, PJ and Allum, N (2001) 'Gender differences in scientific knowledge and attitudes toward science: Reply to Hayes and Tariq.' Public Understanding of Science, 10 (4). 427 - 430. ISSN 0963-6625

Gaskell, G and Allum, N and Bauer, M and Durant, J and Allansdottir, A and Bonfadelli, H and Boy, D and De Cheveigné, S and Fjaestad, B and Gutteling, JM and Hampel, J and Jelsøe, E and Jesuino, JC and Kohring, M and Kronberger, N and Midden, C and Nielsen, TH and Przestalski, A and Rusanen, T and Sakellaris, G and Torgersen, H and Twardowski, T and Wagner, W (2000) 'Biotechnology and the European public.' Nature Biotechnology, 18 (9). 935 - 938. ISSN 1087-0156

Book Section

Allum, N and Sturgis, P and Read, S (2010) 'Evaluating Change in Social and Political Trust in Europe Using Multiple Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis with Structured Means.' In: Davidov, E and Schmidt, P and Billiet, J, (eds.) Methods for Cross-Cultural Analysis: Basic Strategies and Applications. European Association of Methodology Series . Taylor & Francis. ISBN 9781848728226

Allum, N and Arber, S (2008) 'Secondary Analysis of Survey Data.' In: Gilbert, N, (ed.) Researching Social Life (Third Edition). Sage. ISBN 9781412946612

Allum, N and Boy, D and Bauer, M (2002) 'Regional culture - contextualising the knowledge deficit model.' In: Bauer, MW and Gaskell, G, (eds.) Biotechnology: the making of a global controversy. Cambridge University Press, 224 - 243. ISBN 9780521774390

Conference or Workshop Item

Jackson, J and Allum, N and Gaskell, G (2006) Bridging levels of analysis in risk perception research: The case of the fear of crime. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Sturgis, P and Patulny, R and Allum, N and Buscha, F (2015) Social connectedness and generalized trust: a longitudinal perspective. UNSPECIFIED.

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