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Churchill, Gary and Airey, David C and Allayee, Hooman and Angel, Joe M and Attie, Alan D and Beatty, Jackson and Beavis, William D and Belknap, John K and Bennett, Beth and Berrettini, Wade and Bleich, Andre and Bogue, Molly and Broman, Karl W and Buck, Kari J and Buckler, Ed and Burmeister, Margit and Chesler, Elissa J and Cheverud, James M and Clapcote, Steven and Cook, Melloni N and Cox, Roger D and Crabbe, John C and Crusio, Wim E and Darvasi, Ariel and Deschnepper, Christian F and Doerge, R W and Farber, Charles R and Forejt, Jiri and Gaile, Daniel and Garlow, Steven J and Geiger, Hartmut and Gershenfeld, Howard and Gordon, Terry and Gu, Jing and Gu, Weikuan and De Haan, Gerald and Hayes, Nancy L and Heller, Craig and Himmelbauer, Heinz and Hitzemann, Robert and Hunter, Kent and Hsu, Hui-Chen and Iraqi, Fuad A and Ivandic, Boris and Jacob, Howard J and Jansen, Ritsert C and Jjepsen, Karl J and Johnson, Dabney K and Johnson, Thomas E and Kempermann, Gerd and Kendziorski, Christina and Kotb, Malak and Kooy, R Frank and Llamas, Bastien and Lammert, Frank and Lassalle, Jean-Michel and Lowenstein, Pedro R and Lu, Lu and Lusiss, Aldons and Manly, Kenneth F and Marcucio, Ralph and Matthews, Doug and Medrano, Juan F and Miller, Darla R and Mittleman, Guy and Mock, Beverly A and Mogil, Jeffrey S and Montagutelli, Xavier and Morahan, Grant and Morris, David G and Mott, Richard and Nadeau, Joseph H and Nagase, Hiroki and Nowakowski, Richard S and O'Hara, Bruce F and Osadchuk, Alexander V and Page, Grier P and Paigen, Beverly and Paigen, Kenneth and Palmer, Abraham A and Pan, Huei-Ju and Peltonen-Palotie, Leena and Peirce, Jeremy and Pomp, Daniel and Pravenec, Michal and Prows, Daniel R and Qi, Zhonghua and Reeves, Roger H and Roder, John and Rosen, Glenn D and Schadt, Eric E and Schalkwyk, Leonard C and Seltzer, Ze'ev and Shimomura, Kazuhiro and Shou, Siming and Sillanpaa, Mikko J and Siracusa, Linda D and Snoeck, Hans-Willem and Spearow, Jimmy L and Svenson, Karen and Tarantino, Lisa M and Threadgill, David and Toth, Linda A and Valdar, William and de Villena, Fernando Pardo-Manuel and Warden, Craig and Whatley, Steve and Williams, Robert W and Wiltshire, Tim and Yi, Nengjun and Zhang, Dabao and Zhang, Min and Zou, Fei (2004) 'The Collaborative Cross, a community resource for the genetic analysis of complex traits.' Nature Genetics, 36. pp. 1133-1137. ISSN 1061-4036

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