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Sel, Alejandra and Calvo-Merino, Beatriz and Tsakiris, Manos and Forster, Bettina (2020) 'The somatotopy of observed emotions.' Cortex, 129. pp. 11-22. ISSN 0010-9452

Sel, Alejandra and Calvo-Merino, Beatriz and Tuettenberg, Simone and Forster, Bettina (2015) 'When you smile, the world smiles at you: ERP evidence for self-expression effects on face processing.' Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 10 (10). pp. 1316-1322. ISSN 1749-5016

Sel, Alejandra and Forster, Bettina and Calvo-Merino, Beatriz (2014) 'The emotional homunculus: ERP evidence for independent somatosensory responses during facial emotional processing.' The Journal of Neuroscience, 34 (9). pp. 3263-3267. ISSN 0270-6474

Gillmeister, Helge and Forster, Bettina (2012) 'Adverse effects of viewing the hand on tactile-spatial selection between fingers depend on finger posture.' Experimental Brain Research, 221 (3). pp. 269-278. ISSN 0014-4819

Gillmeister, Helge and Forster, Bettina (2012) 'Hands behind your back: effects of arm posture on tactile attention in the space behind the body.' Experimental Brain Research, 216 (4). pp. 489-497. ISSN 0014-4819

Forster, Bettina and Gillmeister, Helge (2011) 'ERP investigation of transient attentional selection of single and multiple locations within touch.' Psychophysiology, 48 (6). pp. 788-796. ISSN 0048-5772

Gillmeister, Helge and Forster, Bettina (2010) 'Vision enhances selective attention to body-related information.' Neuroscience Letters, 483 (3). pp. 184-188. ISSN 0304-3940

Gillmeister, Helge and Adler, Julia and Forster, Bettina (2010) 'Object-guided Spatial Attention in Touch: Holding the Same Object with Both Hands Delays Attentional Selection.' Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22 (5). pp. 931-942. ISSN 0898-929X

Gillmeister, Helge and Sambo, Chiara F and Forster, Bettina (2010) 'Which finger? Early effects of attentional selection within the hand are absent when the hand is viewed.' European Journal of Neuroscience, 31 (10). pp. 1874-1881. ISSN 0953-816X

Sambo, Chiara F and Gillmeister, Helge and Forster, Bettina (2009) 'Viewing the body modulates neural mechanisms underlying sustained spatial attention in touch.' European Journal of Neuroscience, 30 (1). pp. 143-150. ISSN 0953-816X

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