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O'Gorman, R (2014) 'Homogeneity of mind can yield heterogeneity in behavior producing emergent collaboration in groups.' Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 37 (3). 267 - 268. ISSN 0140-525X

Barkow, JH and O'Gorman, R and Rendell, L (2012) 'Are the new mass media subverting cultural transmission?' Review of General Psychology, 16 (2). 121 - 133. ISSN 1089-2680

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O'Gorman, R and Henrich, J and Van Vugt, M (2009) 'Constraining free riding in public goods games: Designated solitary punishers can sustain human cooperation.' Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 276 (1655). 323 - 329. ISSN 0962-8452

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Richetin, J and Perugini, M and Prestwich, A and O'Gorman, R (2007) 'The IAT as a predictor of food choice: The case of fruits versus snacks.' International Journal of Psychology, 42 (3). 166 - 173. ISSN 0020-7594

Perugini, M and O'Gorman, R and Prestwich, A (2007) 'An ontological test of the IAT self-activation can increase predictive validity.' Experimental Psychology, 54 (2). 134 - 147. ISSN 1618-3169

O'Gorman, R and Wilson, DS and Miller, RR (2005) 'Altruistic punishing and helping differ in sensitivity to relatedness, friendship, and future interactions.' Evolution and Human Behavior, 26 (5). 375 - 387. ISSN 1090-5138

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O'Gorman, R (1999) 'Sex differences in spatial abilities: An evolutionary explanation.' Irish Journal of Psychology, 20 (2-4). 95 - 106. ISSN 0303-3910

Book Section

O'Gorman, R and Silke, A (2015) 'Terrorism as altruism: An evolutionary model for understanding terrorist psychology.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Evolutionary Psychology and Terrorism. UNSPECIFIED, 149 - 163. ISBN 9781138774582

Barkow, JH and O'Gorman, R and Rendell, L (2013) 'Cultural transmission.' In: McGee, RJ and Warms, RL, (eds.) Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia. Sage, 154 - 158.

O'Gorman, R (2010) 'The Evolutionary Logic of Terrorism: understanding why terrorism is an inevitable human strategy in conflict.' In: Silke, A, (ed.) The Psychology of Counter-Terrorism. Political Violence . Routledge, 62 - 75. ISBN 9780415558396

Van Vugt, M and Johnson, DDP and Kaiser, RB and O'Gorman, R (2008) 'Evolution and the Social Psychology of Leadership: The Mismatch Hypothesis.' In: Hoyt, CL and Goethals, GR and Forsyth, DR, (eds.) Leadership at the Crossroads (Vol 1 Leadership and Psychology). Praeger, 262 - 282. ISBN 978-0-275-99760-1

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