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Massetti, Noemi and Russo, Mirella and Franciotti, Raffaella and Nardini, Davide and Mandolini, Giorgio and Granzotto, Alberto and Bomba, Manuela and Delli Pizzi, Stefano and Mosca, Alessandra and Scherer, Reinhold and Onofrj, Marco and Sensi, Stefano L (2021) 'A Machine Learning-Based Holistic Approach to Predict the Clinical Course of Patients within the Alzheimer’s Disease Spectrum.' Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. pp. 1-17. ISSN 1387-2877

Cunha, Jose Diogo and Perdikis, Serafeim and Halder, Sebastian and Scherer, Reinhold (2021) 'Post-adaptation effects in a motor imagery brain-computer interface online coadaptive paradigm.' IEEE Access, 9. pp. 41688-41703. ISSN 2169-3536

Lan, Zirui and Liu, Yisi and Sourina, Olga and Wang, Lipo and Scherer, Reinhold and Müller-Putz, Gernot (2020) 'SAFE: An EEG dataset for stable affective feature selection.' Advanced Engineering Informatics, 44. p. 101047. ISSN 0954-1810

Unterweger, Julian and Seeber, Martin and Zanos, Stavros and Ojemann, Jeffrey G and Scherer, Reinhold (2020) 'ECoG Beta Suppression and Modulation During Finger Extension and Flexion.' Frontiers in Neuroscience, 14. 35-. ISSN 1662-453X

Lotte, Fabien and Jeunet, Camille and Chavarriaga, Ricardo and Bougrain, Laurent and Thompson, Dave E and Scherer, Reinhold and Mowla, Md Rakibul and Kübler, Andrea and Grosse-Wentrup, Moritz and Dijkstra, Karen and Dayan, Natalie (2019) 'Turning negative into positives! Exploiting ‘negative’ results in Brain–Machine Interface (BMI) research.' Brain-Computer Interfaces, 6 (4). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2326-263X

Scherer, Reinhold (2019) 'Thought-based interaction: Same data, same methods, different results?' PLoS Biology, 17 (4). e3000190-e3000190. ISSN 1544-9173

Daly, Ian and Scherer, Reinhold and Billinger, Martin and Müller-Putz, Gernot (2015) 'FORCe: Fully Online and Automated Artifact Removal for Brain-Computer Interfacing.' IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 23 (5). pp. 725-736. ISSN 1534-4320

Daly, Ian and Faller, Josef and Scherer, Reinhold and Sweeney-Reed, Catherine M and Nasuto, Slawomir J and Billinger, Martin and Müller-Putz, Gernot R (2014) 'Exploration of the neural correlates of cerebral palsy for sensorimotor BCI control.' Frontiers in Neuroengineering, 7 (JUL). 20-. ISSN 1662-6443

Daly, Ian and Billinger, Martin and Laparra-Hernández, José and Aloise, Fabio and García, Mariano Lloria and Faller, Josef and Scherer, Reinhold and Müller-Putz, Gernot (2013) 'On the control of brain-computer interfaces by users with cerebral palsy.' Clinical Neurophysiology, 124 (9). pp. 1787-1797. ISSN 1388-2457

Scherer, Reinhold and Moitzi, Gunter and Daly, Ian and Muller-Putz, Gernot R (2013) 'On the Use of Games for Noninvasive EEG-Based Functional Brain Mapping.' IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games, 5 (2). pp. 155-163. ISSN 1943-068X

Conference or Workshop Item

Lopes-Dias, Catarina and Si-Mohammed, Hakim and Duarte, Maria and Argelaguet, Ferran and Jeunet, Camille and Casiez, Géry and Müller-Putz, Gernot R and Lécuyer, Anatole and Scherer, Reinhold (2020) Detecting System Errors in Virtual Reality Using EEG Through Error-Related Potentials. In: 2020 IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces (VR), 2020-03-22 - 2020-03-26, Atlanta, Georgia.

Daly, Ian and Billinger, Martin and Scherer, Reinhold and Müller-Putz, Gernot (2013) Brain-Computer Interfacing for Users with Cerebral Palsy, Challenges and Opportunities. In: UAHCI: International Conference on Universal Access in Human-Computer Interaction, 2013-07-21 - 2013-07-26, Las Vegas, NV, USA.

Daly, Ian and Scherer, Reinhold and Müller-Putz, Gernot (2013) A Population Search Algorithm for Clustered Multivariate Solutions: Application to EEG Connectivity. In: IASTED International Conference on Biomedical Engineering, BioMed 2013, 2013-02-13 - 2013-02-15, Innsbruck, Austria.

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