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Brown, MR and Miller, FJ and Li, WG and Ellingson, AN and Mozena, JD and Chatterjee, P and Engelhardt, JF and Zwacka, RM and Oberley, LW and Fang, X and Spector, AA and Weintraub, NL (1999) 'Overexpression of human catalase inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis in vascular smooth muscle cells.' Circulation Research, 85 (6). 524 - 533. ISSN 0009-7330


Clozel, M and Hess, P and Fischli, W and Löffler, BM and Zwacka, RM and Reuter, A and Weiher, H (1999) 'Age-dependent hypertension in Mpv17-deficient mice, a transgenic model of glomerulosclerosis and inner ear disease.' Experimental Gerontology, 34 (8). 1007 - 1015. ISSN 0531-5565


Epperly, MW and Bray, JA and Krager, S and Berry, LM and Gooding, W and Engelhardt, JF and Zwacka, R and Travis, EL and Greenberger, JS (1999) 'Intratracheal injection of adenovirus containing the human MnSOD transgene protects athymic nude mice from irradiation-induced organizing alveolitis.' International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, 43 (1). 169 - 181. ISSN 0360-3016


Fan, C and Zwacka, RM and Engelhardt, JF (1999) 'Therapeutic approaches for ischemia/reperfusion injury in the liver.' Journal of Molecular Medicine, 77 (8). 577 - 592. ISSN 0946-2716


Hills, D and Tracey, S and Masabanda, J and Fries, R and Schalkwyk, LC and Lehrach, H and Miller, JR and Williams, JL (1999) 'A bovine YAC library containing four- to five-fold genome equivalents.' Mammalian Genome, 10 (8). 837 - 838. ISSN 0938-8990


Laissue, PP and Reiter, C and Hiesinger, PR and Halter, S and Fischbach, KF and Stocker, RF (1999) 'Three-dimensional reconstruction of the antennal lobe in Drosophila melanogaster.' Journal of Comparative Neurology, 405 (4). 543 - 552. ISSN 0021-9967

Lam, EWN and Zwacka, R and Seftor, EA and Nieva, DRC and Davidson, BL and Engelhardt, JF and Hendrix, MJC and Oberley, LW (1999) 'Effects of antioxidant enzyme overexpression on the invasive phenotype of hamster cheek pouch carcinoma cells.' Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 27 (5-6). 572 - 579. ISSN 0891-5849


Nock, C and Gauss, C and Schalkwyk, LC and Klose, J and Lehrach, H and Himmelbauer, H (1999) 'Technology development at the interface of proteome research and genomics: Mapping nonpolymorphic proteins on the physical map of mouse chromosomes.' Electrophoresis, 20 (4-5). 1027 - 1032. ISSN 0173-0835


Raines, CA and Lloyd, JC and Dyer, TA (1999) 'New insighits into the structure and function of sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase; an important but neglected Calvin cycle enzyme.' Journal of Experimental Botany, 50 (330). 1 - 8. ISSN 0022-0957


Schalkwyk, LC and Himmelbauer, H and Lehrach, H (1999) 'Toward the mammalian transcript map.' Archiv fur Tierzucht, 42 (6 SUPP). 67 - 73. ISSN 0003-9438

Schalkwyk, LC and Jung, M and Daser, A and Weiher, M and Walter, J and Himmelbauer, H and Lehrach, H (1999) 'Panel of microsatellite markers for whole-genome scans and radiation hybrid mapping and a mouse family tree.' Genome Research, 9 (9). 878 - 887. ISSN 1088-9051


Whitby, CB and Saunders, JR and Rodriguez, J and Pickup, RW and McCarthy, A (1999) 'Phylogenetic differentiation of two closely related Nitrosomonas spp. that inhabit different sediment environments in an oligotrophic freshwater lake.' Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 65 (11). 4855 - 4862. ISSN 0099-2240


Zhu, B and Smith, JA and Tracey, SM and Konfortov, BA and Welzel, K and Schalkwyk, LC and Lehrach, H and Kollers, S and Masabanda, J and Buitkamp, J and Fries, R and Williams, JL and Ross Miller, J (1999) 'A 5x genome coverage bovine BAC library: Production, characterization, and distribution.' Mammalian Genome, 10 (7). 706 - 709. ISSN 0938-8990

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