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Aaskoven, L (2019) 'Redistributing under fiscal constraint: Partisanship, debt, inequality and labour market regulation.' Journal of Public Policy, 39 (3). 423 - 441. ISSN 0143-814X

Aaskoven, L (2019) 'The electoral cycle in political contributions: the incumbency advantage of early elections.' Acta Politica. ISSN 0001-6810

Aaskoven, Lasse (2019) 'Fiscal rules and electoral turnout.' Political Science Research and Methods. ISSN 2049-8470

Aaskoven, Lasse (2019) 'Parties, governments and the integration of immigrants.' Journal of European Public Policy. ISSN 1350-1763

Aaskoven, Lasse (2019) 'Partisan-Electoral Cycles in Public Employment: Evidence from Developed Democracies.' Political Studies. ISSN 0032-3217

Acosta Oidor, Catalina and Uribe Mendoza, Cristhian and Amaya Panche, Johanna and Idrobo Velazco, Alexander and Aliaga Sáez, Felipe and Ballén Velásquez, Diego Alejandro (2019) 'Reconciliación y construcción de la paz territorial en Colombia: el caso de la comunidad nasa.' Revista CIDOB d'Afers Internacionals, 121. 91 - 112. ISSN 1133-6595

Adams, James and Bernardi, Luca and Ezrow, Lawrence and Gordon, Oakley and Liu, Tzu-Ping and Phillips, M Christine (2019) 'A Problem with Empirical Studies of Party Policy Shifts: Alternative Measures of Party Shifts are Uncorrelated.' European Journal of Political Research. ISSN 0304-4130

Alghashian, Abdulaziz (2019) Between Passive and Active: The Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy Towards Israel. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Arnesen, S and Duell, D and Johannesson, MP (2019) 'Do citizens make inferences from political candidate characteristics when aiming for substantive representation?' Electoral Studies, 57. 46 - 60. ISSN 0261-3794

Asal, V and Phillips, BJ and Rethemeyer, RK and Simonelli, C and Young, JK (2019) 'Carrots, Sticks, and Insurgent Targeting of Civilians.' Journal of Conflict Resolution, 63 (7). 1710 - 1735. ISSN 0022-0027


Bakaki, Zorzeta and Böhmelt, Tobias and Ward, Hugh (2019) 'The triangular relationship between public concern for environmental issues, policy output, and media attention.' Environmental Politics. ISSN 0964-4016

Banerjee, Sayan (2019) Essays on Ethnic Party Competition and Public Goods Provision in South Asia. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Bartle, John and Sanders, David and Tywman, Joe (2019) 'Authoritarian populist opinion in Europe.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Authoritarian Populism and Liberal Democracy. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9783030179960, 3030179966 (In Press)

Benson, Michelle A and Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene (2019) 'A Gendered Imperative: Does Sexual Violence Attract UN Attention in Civil Wars?' Journal of Conflict Resolution. ISSN 0022-0027 (In Press)

Bodea, Cristina and Garriga, Ana Carolina and Higashijima, Masaaki (2019) 'Economic Institutions and Autocratic Breakdown: Monetary Constraints and Spending in Dominant-Party Regimes.' Journal of Politics. ISSN 0022-3816

Bohmelt, Tobias (2019) 'How Public Opinion Steers National Immigration Policies.' Migration Studies. ISSN 2049-5838

Bohmelt, Tobias and Bove, Vincenzo (2019) 'How migration policies moderate the diffusion of terrorism.' European Journal of Political Research. ISSN 0304-4130

Bolleyer, Nicole and von Nostitz, Felix-Christopher and Bormann, Nils-Christian (2019) 'Judicial decision-making within political parties: A political approach.' Party Politics, 25 (5). 724 - 735. ISSN 1354-0688

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Bormann, Nils-Christian (2019) 'Uncertainty, Cleavages, and Ethnic Coalitions.' The Journal of Politics, 81 (2). 471 - 486. ISSN 0022-3816

Bou-Habib, Paul (2019) 'Climate Justice and Historical Responsibility.' The Journal of Politics. ISSN 0022-3816

Bove, V and Böhmelt, T (2019) 'International Migration and Military Intervention in Civil War.' Political Science Research and Methods, 7 (2). 271 - 287. ISSN 2049-8470

Buckton, Christina H and Fergie, Gillian and Leifeld, Philip and Hilton, Shona (2019) 'A discourse network analysis of UK newspaper coverage of the “sugar tax” debate before and after the announcement of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy.' BMC Public Health, 19 (1). ISSN 1471-2458

Böhmelt, Tobias and Bove, Vincenzo and Nussio, Enzo (2019) 'Can Terrorism Abroad Influence Migration Attitudes at Home?' American Journal of Political Science. ISSN 0092-5853 (In Press)


Campbell, Benjamin W and Marrs, Frank W and Böhmelt, Tobias and Fosdick, Bailey K and Cranmer, Skyler J (2019) 'Latent influence networks in global environmental politics.' PLoS ONE, 14 (3). ISSN 1932-6203

Carroll, Royce and Nalepa, Monika (2019) 'When Does the Personal Vote Matter for Party Loyalty? The Conditional Effects of Candidate-Centred Electoral Systems.' Parliamentary Affairs. ISSN 0031-2290

Carroll, Royce and Nalepa, Monika (2019) 'The personal vote and party cohesion: Modeling the effects of electoral rules on intraparty politics.' Journal of Theoretical Politics. ISSN 0951-6298 (In Press)

Castilla Medina, Lorena del Pilar (2019) Housing, Land and Property Rights: the impact of the UN Peacekeeping Operation on economic recovery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Cheibub, José Antonio and Martin, Shane and Rasch, Bjørn Erik (2019) 'Investiture Rules and Formation of Minority Governments in European Parliamentary Democracies.' Party Politics. ISSN 1354-0688 (In Press)


Duell, Dominik and Valasek, Justin (2019) 'Political Polarization and Selection in Representative Democracies.' Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. ISSN 0167-2681


Ezrow, Lawrence and Hellwig, Timothy and Fenzl, Michele (2019) 'Responsiveness, If You Can Afford It: Policy Responsiveness in Good and Bad Economic Times.' The Journal of Politics. ISSN 0022-3816 (In Press)


Feldman, Stanley and Huddy, Leonie and Wronksi, Julie and Lown, Patrick (2019) 'The Interplay of Empathy and Individualism in Support for Social Welfare Policies.' Political Psychology. ISSN 0162-895X

Fenzl, Michele (2019) Democracy in Unequal Times: How Economic Inequality Influences Voter Turnout, Party Polarization, and Union Density. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Fergie, G and Leifeld, P and Hawkins, B and Hilton, S (2019) 'Mapping discourse coalitions in the minimum unit pricing for alcohol debate: a discourse network analysis of UK newspaper coverage.' Addiction, 114 (4). 741 - 753. ISSN 0965-2140

Fiedler, Charlotte (2019) Unpacking the relationship between political institutions and conflict recurrence. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Fisher, Dana R and Leifeld, Philip (2019) 'The polycentricity of climate policy blockage.' Climatic Change. ISSN 0165-0009


Garriga, AC and Meseguer, C (2019) 'Remittances, monetary institutions, and autocracies.' Oxford Development Studies. ISSN 1360-0818

Garriga, Ana Carolina and Rodriguez, Cesar M (2019) 'More Effective than We Thought: Central Bank Independence and Inflation in Developing Countries.' Economic Modelling. ISSN 0264-9993

Genovese, Federica (2019) 'Sectors, Pollution, and Trade: How Industrial Interests Shape Domestic Positions on Global Climate Agreements.' International Studies Quarterly. ISSN 0020-8833 (In Press)

Gerver, Mollie (2019) 'Must refugees return?' Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy. ISSN 1369-8230

Ghosn, Faten and Gizelis, Theodora-Ismene (2019) 'Power of Rules and Rule of Power.' International Studies Review, 21 (2). 183 - 187. ISSN 1468-2486

Gizelis, T-I (2019) 'It Takes a Village: UN Peace Operations and Social Networks in Post-conflict Environments.' Politics and Gender. ISSN 1743-923X

Gleditsch, Kristian (2019) 'An ever more violent world?' Political Studies Review. ISSN 1478-9299 (In Press)

Gleditsch, Kristian and Belgioioso, Margherita and Costalli, Stefano (2019) 'Better the devil you know? How fringe terrorism can induce an advantage for moderate nonviolent campaigns.' Terrorism and Political Violence. ISSN 0954-6553

Gleditsch, Kristian and Tago, Atsushi and Tanaka, Seiki (2019) 'Spurred by Threats or Afraid of War? A Survey Experiment on Costs of Conflict in Support for Military Action.' Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, 25 (2). ISSN 1079-2457

Glynos, Jason and Howarth, David (2019) 'The Retroductive Cycle: The Research Process in Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis.' In: Marttila, Tomas, (ed.) Discourse, Culture and Organization: Inquiries into Relational Structures of Power. Postdisciplinary Studies in Discourse . Palgrave MacMillan, 105 - 125. ISBN 9783319941226

González Peña, Andrea and Dorussen, Han (2019) 'The Reintegration of Ex-Combatants and Post-Conflict Violence. An Analysis of Municipal Crime Levels in Colombia.' Conflict Management and Peace Science. ISSN 0738-8942 (In Press)

Gross, Martin and Krauss, Svenja (2019) 'Topic Coverage of Coalition Agreements in Multi-Level Settings: The Case of Germany.' German Politics. 1 - 22. ISSN 0964-4008


Helms, Emily (2019) By any other name? Rethinking the implications of mandate language in UN peace operations for civilian protection. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Howarth, David R and Barnett, Neil and Griggs, Steven (2019) 'Whatever happened to Councillors? Problematising the deficiency narrative in English local politics.' Political Studies, 67 (3). 775 - 794. ISSN 0032-3217


Inata, Kana (2019) Three Essays on Protest and Negotiations. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Jensen, C and Lee, S (2019) 'Mass media attention to welfare state reforms: evidence from Britain, 1996–2014.' West European Politics, 42 (1). 113 - 132. ISSN 0140-2382

Johns, Robert and Kölln, Ann-Kristin (2019) 'Moderation and competence: How a party’s ideological position shapes its valence reputation.' American Journal of Political Science. ISSN 0092-5853 (In Press)

Josse, Peter (2019) Popular sovereignty without populism: autonomy, democracy, and citizen endorsement. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Kostelka, Filip and Blais, André and Gidengil, Elisabeth (2019) 'Has the gender gap in voter turnout really disappeared?' West European Politics, 42 (3). 437 - 463. ISSN 0140-2382

Kostelka, Filip and Rovny, Jan (2019) 'It’s Not the Left: Ideology and Protest Participation in Old and New Democracies.' Comparative Political Studies. ISSN 0010-4140


Lapping, C and Glynos, J (2019) '‘Two for joy’: Towards a better understanding of free associative methods as sites of transference in empirical research.' Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. ISSN 1088-0763

Leifeld, Philip and Cranmer, Skyler J (2019) 'A theoretical and empirical comparison of the temporal exponential random graph model and the stochastic actor-oriented model.' Network Science, 7 (1). 20 - 51. ISSN 2050-1242

Lynch, Catherine and Martin, Shane (2019) 'Can Parliaments be Strengthened? A Case Study of Pre-Legislative Scrutiny.' Irish Political Studies. ISSN 0790-7184


Martin, SG and Mickler, TA (2019) 'Committee Assignments: Theories, Causes, and Consequences.' Parliamentary Affairs, 72 (1). 77 - 98. ISSN 0031-2290

Martin, Shane and Whitaker, Richard (2019) 'Beyond committees: parliamentary oversight of coalition government in Britain.' West European Politics, 42 (7). 1464 - 1486. ISSN 0140-2382

McGann, Anthony and Dellepiane-Avellaneda, Sebastian and Bartle, John (2019) 'Parallel Lines? Policy Mood in a Plurinational Democracy.' Electoral Studies. ISSN 0261-3794

Montanaro, L (2019) 'Discursive Exit.' American Journal of Political Science, 63 (4). 875 - 887. ISSN 0092-5853

Mustasilta, Katariina (2019) On chiefs and peace: Examining the role of traditional governance in sub-Saharan African conflict dynamics. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Nelson, Phillip (2019) Money. Money. Money? Economic incentives in civil conflict. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Parr, Tom (2019) 'Revisiting Harmless Discrimination.' Philosophia. ISSN 0048-3893

Parr, Tom and Slavny, Adam (2019) 'What's Wrong with Risk?' Thought: A Journal of Philosophy, 8 (2). 76 - 85. ISSN 2161-2234

Petrova, Marina (2019) The Role of State and Non-State Actors in Determining Violent and Nonviolent Tactics in Political Conflict. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Phillips, Brian J (2019) 'Foreign Terrorist Organization designation, international cooperation, and terrorism.' International Interactions, 45 (2). 316 - 343. ISSN 0305-0629

Phillips, Brian J (2019) 'Terrorist Group Rivalries and Alliances: Testing Competing Explanations.' Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 42 (11). 997 - 1019. ISSN 1057-610X

Phillips, Brian J and Ríos, Viridiana (2019) 'Narco-Messages: Competition and Public Communication by Criminal Groups.' Latin American Politics and Society. ISSN 0022-1937 (In Press)

Polo, Sara MT (2019) 'The Quality of Terrorist Violence: Explaining the Logic of Terrorist Target Choice.' Journal of Peace Research. ISSN 0022-3433 (In Press)


Radean, Marius (2019) 'Sometimes You Cannot Have It All: Party Switching and Affiliation Motivations as Substitutes.' Party Politics, 25 (2). 140 - 152. ISSN 1354-0688

Reinhardt, Gina Yannitell (2019) 'The Intersectionality of Disasters’ Effects on Trust in Public Officials.' Social Science Quarterly. ISSN 0038-4941

Reinhardt, Gina Yannitell and Drennan, Lex (2019) 'Local emergency management special issue: guest editors’ introduction.' Local Government Studies, 45 (3). 293 - 301. ISSN 0300-3930

Reinhardt, Gina Yannitell and Ross, Ashley D (2019) 'Expanding Social Science Through Disaster Studies.' Social Science Quarterly. ISSN 0038-4941


Schimmelfennig, Frank and Winzen, Thomas (2019) 'Grand Theories, Differentiated Integration.' Journal of European Public Policy, 26 (8). 1172 - 1192. ISSN 1350-1763

Schwartz, Cassilde and Simon, Miranda and Hudson, David and VanHeerde Hudson, Jennifer (2019) 'A Populist Paradox? How Brexit Softened Anti-Immigrant Attitudes.' British Journal of Political Science. ISSN 0007-1234 (In Press)

Simon, Miranda (2019) 'Path Dependency and Adaptation: The Effects of Policy on Migration Systems.' Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 22 (2). ISSN 1460-7425

Spiekermann, Kai and Slavny, Adam and Axelsen, David and Lawford-Smith, Holly (2019) 'Big Data Justice: A Case for Regulating the Global Information Commons.' The Journal of Politics. ISSN 0022-3816 (In Press)


Tchie, Andrew Edward (2019) Actors and victims: Understanding the trends and the use of indiscriminate violence in conflicts. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Wenzelburger, Georg and Jensen, Carsten and Lee, Seonghui and Arndt, Christoph (2019) 'How Governments Strategically Time Welfare State Legislation: Empirical Evidence From Five European Countries.' West European Politics. ISSN 0140-2382

Whiteley, Paul and Larsen, Erik and Goodwin, Matthew and Clarke, Harold (2019) 'Party Activism in the Populist Radical Right: The Case of the UK Independence Party.' Party Politics. ISSN 1354-0688 (In Press)

Winzen, Thomas (2019) 'Government Euroscepticism and differentiated integration.' Journal of European Public Policy. ISSN 1350-1763 (In Press)


Yannitell Reinhardt, Gina and Chatsiou, Kakia (2019) 'Using community education interventions to build resilience and avert crises: how accidental dwelling fires decreased in Essex County, UK.' Local Government Studies, 45 (3). 394 - 412. ISSN 0300-3930

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