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Andersen, O (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 3.

Ardoin, Phillip and Gronke, Paul (2015) 'INTRODUCTION.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 1.

Assuncao, MR (2015) 'Angola in Brazil: The Formation of Angoleiro identity in Bahia.' In: Araujo, AL, (ed.) African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World. Cambria Press, 109 - 148. ISBN 9781604978926

Assuncao, MR (2015) De caboclos a bem-te-vis. Formação do campesinato numa sociedade escravista: Maranhão 1800-1850. Annablume. ISBN 978-85-391-0660-8

Assuncao, MR (2015) 'Uma visão de dentro da vadiação baiana. Os manuscritos do Mestre Noronha e o seu significado para a história da capoeira.' Revista Africa(s), 1 (2). 81 - 100. ISSN 2446-7375


Colson, J and Ralley, R (2015) 'Medical Practice, Urban Politics and Patronage: The London 'Commonalty' of Physicians and Surgeons of the 1420s.' The English Historical Review, 130 (546). 1102 - 1131. ISSN 0013-8266

Cott, Nancy F (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 2.


De Romanis, Federico and Maiuro, Marco (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - +. ISBN 978-90-04-28919-2

Dunnage, Jonathan and Rossol, Nadine (2015) 'Building Ideological Bridges and Inventing Institutional Traditions : Festivities and Commemorative Rituals in the Fascist and Nazi Police.' Crime, Histoire & Sociétés, 19 (1). 67 - 88. ISSN 1422-0857


Flather, A (2015) 'Gender and the Organization of Sacred Space in Early Modern England c1580-1640.' In: Stock, P, (ed.) The Uses of Space in Early Modern History. Palgrave Macmillan, 43 - 74. ISBN 9781137490032

Freeman, TS and Royal, S (2015) 'Stranger than fiction in the archives: The controversial death of William Cowbridge in 1538.' British Catholic History, 32 (4). 451 - 472. ISSN 2055-7973

Frost, MR (2015) ''Beyond the limits of nation and geography': Rabindranath Tagore and the cosmopolitan moment, 1916-1920.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Cosmopolitan Asia: Littoral Epistemologies of the Global South. UNSPECIFIED, 37 - 52. ISBN 9781317372158

Frost, MR and Schumacher, D (2015) 'Introduction to the forum: Wartime globalization in Asia, 1937-1945, conflicted connections and convergences.' Modern Asian Studies. ISSN 0026-749X (In Press)


Garrett, EM and Reid, A (2015) 'Introducing ?Movers? into Community Reconstructions: Linking Civil Registers of Vital Events to Local and National Census Data: A Scottish Experiment.' In: Bloothooft, G and Christen, P and Mandemakers, K and Schraagen, M, (eds.) Population Reconstruction. Springer, 263 - 283. ISBN 978-3-319-19883-5

Green, A (2015) 'History as Expertise and the Influence of Political Culture on Advice for Policy Since Fulton.' Contemporary British History, 29 (1). 27 - 50. ISSN 1361-9462

Gurney, P (2015) 'The curse of the Co-ops: Co-operation, the mass press and the market in interwar Britain.' English Historical Review, 130 (547). 1479 - 1512. ISSN 0013-8266

Gurney, PJ (2015) 'The Age of Veneer?: Charles Dickens and the antinomies of Victorian consumer culture.' Dickens Quarterly, 32 (3). 229 - 246. ISSN 0742-5473

Gurney, PJ (2015) Wanting and having: Popular politics and liberal consumerism in England, 1830-70. Manchester University Press. ISBN 978-0-7190-9145-2

Gurney, PJ (2015) 'A house divided: the Labour Party and the organised consumer in post-war Britain.' In: Rappaport, E and Crowley, M and Trudgeon Dawson, S, (eds.) Consuming Behaviours: identity, politics and pleasure in twentieth-century Britain. Bloomsbury Academic, 237 - 251.


Hamnett, Brian (2015) 'The Reception of Romanticism in Italy and Spain: Parallels and Contrasts.' History of European Ideas, 41 (2). pp. 176-184. ISSN 0191-6599


James Raven, (2015) 'Why Ephemera Were Not Ephemeral: The Effectiveness of Innovative Print in the Eighteenth Century.' The Yearbook of English Studies, 45. 56 - 56. ISSN 0306-2473

Johnson, Joan Marie and Morgan, Francesca and Nickerson, Michelle (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 2.


Kantor, William M and Leedham-Green, Charles (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 2.

Kelley, SM (2015) 'The Dirty Business of Panyarring and Palaver: Slave Trading on the Upper Guinea Coast in the Eighteenth Century.' In: Lovejoy, P, (ed.) Slavery, Abolition and the Transition to Colonialism in Sierra Leone. Africa World Press, 89 - 108. ISBN 9781592219834, 1592219837

Kirby, G and Carson, J and Dunlop, F and Dibben, C and Dearle, A and Williamson, L and Garrett, EM and Reid, A (2015) 'Automatic Methods for Coding Historical Occupation Descriptions to Standard Classifications.' In: Bloothooft, G and Christen, P and Mandemakers, K and Schraagen, M, (eds.) Population Reconstruction. Springer, 43 - 60. ISBN 978-3-319-19883-5

Knotter, Ad and Mayer, David (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 11.

Krikler, JM (2015) 'The Historical Significance of Autobiographical Elements in Kim.' Children's Literature Review, 199. 125 - 135.


Mantzavinos, Dionissios and Poulios, Ioannis and Fernández-Ibañez, Pilar and Malato, Sixto (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 1.

Moser, Tijmen Jan (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 1.


Noakes, L (2015) ''Deep England': Britain, the countryside and the English in the Second World War.' In: Pattinson, J and Ugolini, W, (eds.) Fighting for Britain?: Negotiating Identities in Britain During the Second World War. Peter Lang, 25 - 47. ISBN 9783035307047

Noakes, L (2015) 'Gender, Grief, and Bereavement in Second World War Britain.' Journal of War and Culture Studies, 8 (1). 72 - 85. ISSN 1752-6272

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Noakes, L (2015) 'A broken silence? Mass Observation, Armistice Day and ‘everyday life’ in Britain 1937–1941.' Journal of European Studies, 45 (4). 331 - 346. ISSN 0047-2441


Peterson, David AM (2015) 'Editor’s Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 2.

Peçanha (Mestre Cobra Mansa), CF and Assuncao, MR (2015) 'Da senzala à academia: a diversificação da capoeira.' Ciencia Hoje, 56 (331). 24 - 29. ISSN 0101-8515

Priest, A (2015) 'Imperial Exchange: American views of the British Empire during the Civil War and Reconstruction.' Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 16 (1). ISSN 1532-5768


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Raven, J (2015) 'Distribution: The transmission of books in Europe and its colonies: Contours, cautions, and global comparisons.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) The Book Worlds of East Asia and Europe, 1450-1850: Connections and Comparisons. UNSPECIFIED, 147 - 180. ISBN 9789888313617

Raven, J (2015) Lost Mansions: Essays on the Destruction of the Country House. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781137520777

Raven, J (2015) 'Printing and Printedness.' In: Scott, H, (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern European History, 1350-1750: Volume I: Peoples and Place. Oxford University Press.

Raven, J (2015) 'The demolished mansions of essex and the marks hall estate: Reconstruction and the heritage of loss.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Lost Mansions: Essays on the Destruction of the Country House. UNSPECIFIED, 107 - 124. ISBN 9781137520777

Raven, James (2015) 'THE INVENTION OF NEWS.' BOOK COLLECTOR, 64 (1). 161 - 163. ISSN 0006-7237

Reid, A and Garrett, EM and Dibben, C and Williamson, L (2015) '?A confession of ignorance?: deaths from old age and deciphering cause-of-death statistics in Scotland, 1855?1949.' The History of the Family, 20 (3). 320 - 344. ISSN 1081-602X

Rossol, NS (2015) 'Incapable of Securing Order? The Prussian Police and the German Revolution 1918/19.' In: Weinhauer, K and McElligott, A and Heinsohn, K, (eds.) Germany 1916-23 A Revolution in Context. transcript/Columbia University Press, 59 - 82. ISBN 9783837627343

Rowlands, A (2015) '"…ein armes verführtes und betrogenes Kind….". Hexenprozesse gegen Kinder in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, 1587-1709.' In: Behringer, W and Opitz-Belakhal, C, (eds.) UNSPECIFIED Hexenforschung . Verlag für Regionalgeschichte, 257 - 266.

Rundle, David (2015) 'Heralds of Antiquity: Aeneas Sylvius Piccolomini and the British “Thucydides”.' In: Frazier, Alison and Nold, Patrick, (eds.) Essays in Renaissance Thought and Letters In Honor of John Monfasani. Brill's Studies in Intellectual History . Brill, pp. 23-35. ISBN 9789004294479


Schnell, F (2015) 'Von dörflicher Selbsthilfe zur paramilitärischen Miliz: Spontane Vergemeinschaftung durch Gewalt im Russischen Bürgerkrieg (1918).' In: Paul, A and Schwaub, B, (eds.) Gewaltmassen: Über die Eigendynamik und Selbstorganisation kollektiver Gewalt. Hamburger Edition, 312 - 336.

Schnell, Felix (2015) 'Empire in Disguise:The Soviet-RussianImperial Metamorphosisafter World War I.' Journal of Modern European History, 13 (2). 203 - 225. ISSN 1611-8944

Schulze, R (2015) 'Silenced Voices: Roma, Kosovo, Memories of "Home", and the Need for a New Discourse.' In: Selling, J and End, M and Kyuchukov, H and Laskar, P and Templer, B, (eds.) Antiziganism What?s in a Word? Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 64 - 75. ISBN 978-1-4438-7226-3

Schumacher, Daniel (2015) 'Asia's ‘Boom’ of Difficult Memories: Remembering World War Two Across East and Southeast Asia.' History Compass, 13 (11). 560 - 577. ISSN 1478-0542


Tinio, Pablo PL and Reiter-Palmon, Roni (2015) 'A note from the editors.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 1.


Wouters, Patricia and Chen, Huiping (2015) 'Introduction.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 1 - 20.

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