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Al-Wer, E (2014) 'Language and Gender in the Middle East and North Africa.' In: Ehrlich, S and Meyerhoff, M and Holmes, J, (eds.) The Handbook of Language, Gender, and Sexuality. Wiley, 396 - 411. ISBN 9780470656426

Al-Wer, E (2014) 'Yod-dropping in b-imperfect verb forms ?in Amman.' In: Khamis-Dakwar, R and Froud, K, (eds.) Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVI: Papers from the annual symposium on Arabic Linguistics. New York, 2012. John Benjamins, 29 - 44. ISBN 9789027200303

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Arnold, D and Borsley, RD (2014) 'On the Analysis of English Exhaustive Conditionals.' In: M�ller, S, (ed.) Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, University at Buffalo. CSLI Publications, 27 - 47.

Arnold, D and Sadler, L (2014) The `big mess' construction. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Bristowe, K and Patrick, PL (2014) ''Any questions?'-Clinicians' usage of invitations to ask questions (IAQs) in outpatient plastic surgery consultations.' Patient Education and Counseling. ISSN 0738-3991 (In Press)


Camilleri, M and ElSadek, S and Sadler, L (2014) Perceptual Reports in (Dialects of) Arabic. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

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Chand, Vineeta (2014) English as a Contact Language. UNSPECIFIED.

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Delle Luche, Claire and Durrant, Samantha and Floccia, Caroline and Plunkett, Kim (2014) 'Implicit meaning in 18-month-old toddlers.' Developmental Science, 17 (6). 948 - 955. ISSN 1363-755X

Delle Luche, Claire and Poltrock, Silvana and Goslin, Jeremy and New, Boris and Floccia, Caroline and Nazzi, Thierry (2014) 'Differential processing of consonants and vowels in the auditory modality: A cross-linguistic study.' Journal of Memory and Language, 72. 1 - 15. ISSN 0749-596X


FLOCCIA, CAROLINE and NAZZI, THIERRY and DELLE LUCHE, CLAIRE and POLTROCK, SILVANA and GOSLIN, JEREMY (2014) 'English-learning one- to two-year-olds do not show a consonant bias in word learning.' Journal of Child Language, 41 (05). 1085 - 1114. ISSN 0305-0009


Gkonou, C (2014) 'Agency, anxiety and activity: Understanding the classroom behavior of EFL learners.' In: Deters, P and Gao, X and Miller, ER and Vitanova, G, (eds.) Theorizing and Analyzing Agency in Second Language Learning: Interdisciplinary Approaches. Multilingual Matters, 195 - 212. ISBN 9781783092901

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Gánem-Gutiérrez, Gabriela Adela (2014) 'The Third Dimension: A Sociocultural Theory Approach to the Design and Evaluation of 3D Virtual World Tasks.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Technology-Mediated TBLT: Researching Technology and Tasks. Task-Based Language Teaching: Issues, Research and Practice . Benjamins, 213 - 237. ISBN 9789027207289


Haegeman, L and Jim�nez-Fern�ndez, �L and Radford, A (2014) 'Deconstructing the Subject Condition in terms of cumulative constraint violation.' The Linguistic Review, 31 (1). 73 - 150. ISSN 0167-6318

Hawkins, R and Althobaiti, M and Ma, Y (2014) 'Eliminating grammatical function assignment from hierarchical models of speech production: Evidence from the conceptual accessibility of referents.' Applied Psycholinguistics, 35 (4). 677 - 707. ISSN 0142-7164

Hofmeister, Philip and Casasanto, Laura Staum and Sag, Ivan A (2014) 'Processing Effects in Linguistic Judgment Data: (super-)additivity and reading span scores.' Language and Cognition, 6 (1). pp. 111-145. ISSN 1866-9859

Hofmeister, Philip and Culicover, Peter and Winkler, Susanne (2014) 'Effects of Processing on the Acceptability of 'frozen' extraposed constituents.' Syntax. ISSN 1467-9612 (In Press)

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Hofmeister, Philip and Norcliffe, Elisabeth (2014) 'Does Resumption Facilitate Sentence Comprehension?' In: Hofmeister, Philip and Norcliffe, Elisabeth, (eds.) The Core and the Periphery: Data-driven Perspectives on Syntax Inspired by Ian A. Sag. CSLI Lecture Notes . CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA. ISBN 9781575867212

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Patrick, PL (2014) 'JAMAICAN CREOLE.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Languages and Dialects in the U.S.: Focus on Diversity and Linguistics. UNSPECIFIED, 126 - 136. ISBN 9781315851600

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Skoruppa, Katrin and Rosen, Stuart (2014) 'Processing of Phonological Variation in Children With Hearing Loss: Compensation for English Place Assimilation in Connected Speech.' Journal of Speech Language and Hearing Research, 57. pp. 1127-1134. ISSN 1092-4388

Spencer, Andrew (2014) 'Two morphologies or one? Inflection versus word-formation.' In: Hippisley, Andrew and Stump, Gregory T, (eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Morphology. University of Kentucky.

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