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Ali, Shaheen Sardar and Shahid, Ayesha and Lawan, Mamman and Maranlou, Sahar and Akhtar, Rajnaara and Abubakar, Musa (2009) Islamic Law and the Muslim Diaspora: A Teaching Manual (With particular focus on the United Kingdom). Manual. Higher Education Academy, UK.

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Bamodu, OO (2009) Ahead of the European Court Ruling on the Karen Murphy Case: Interesting Observations.

Bamodu, OO (2009) On Satellite Television Rebroadcast - Piracy and The Law in Nigeria.

Bamodu, Olugbenga O (2009) Ahead of the European Court Ruling on the Karen Murphy Case: Interesting Observations.

Bamodu, Olugbenga O (2009) On Satellite Television Rebroadcast - Piracy and The Law in Nigeria.

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Fejős, Andrea (2009) Potrošač u uslovima društveno-ekonomske krize: problem prezaduženosti korisnika kredita sa posebnim osvrtom na prevenciju prezaduženosti (Consumers in Socio-Economic Crisis: the Problem of Over-indebtedness with Special Emphasis on the Prevention of Over-indebtedness). In: Pojedinac, porodica i privredno društvo u uslovima društveno-ekonomske krize (Individual, Family and Company in Conditions of Socio-Economic Crisis), ? - ?.

Fejős, Andrea (2009) Vansusko rešavanje sporova potrošača u Srbiji: sadašnje stanje i preporuke za novu zakonsku regulativu (Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution in Serbia: Current State and Recommendations for the Future). In: Nova zakonska rešenja u zaštiti potrošača (New Legal Solutions in Consumer Protection), ? - ?.

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