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Antoniou, AM (2014) 'Nullities in Letters of Credit: Extending the Fraud Exception.' Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation, 29 (4). 229 - 238. ISSN 1742-6812


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Hunt, PH and Sander, G and Barroso, C and Ferrier, K (2014) Country Report on Peru, in Every woman, every child: a post-2015 vision: the third report of the Independent Expert Review Group on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health. Other. World Health Organization.

Hunt, PH and Sander, G and Hathi, S and Meguid, T and Were, M (2014) Country Report on Malawi, in Every woman, every child: a post-2015 vision: the third report of the Independent Expert Review Group on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health. Other. World Health Organization.

Hunt, PH and Sander, G and Hathi, S and Meguid, T and Were, M and Barroso, C and Ferrier, K (2014) Country Reports on Malawi and Peru, in Every woman, every child: a post-2015 vision. UNSPECIFIED. The Third Report of the Independent Expert Review Group on Information and Accountability for Women?s and Children?s Health.


Konstadinides, T (2014) 'EU foreign policy under the doctrine of implied powers: Codification drawbacks & constitutional limitations.' European Law Review, 39 (4). 511 - 530. ISSN 0307-5400

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Le Sueur, A (2014) 'Administrative litigation in England and wales.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Administrative Litigation Systems in Greater China and Europe. UNSPECIFIED, 163 - 190. ISBN 9781472436092

Le Sueur, A (2014) Constitutional Challenges: global and local. In: International Association of Constitutional Law, IXth World Congress, ? - ?, Oslo, Norway.

Le Sueur, A (2014) Presentation at Second Annual Conference on Teaching Public Law. In: Second Annual Conference on Teaching Public Law, ? - ?, City University, London.

Le Sueur, A (2014) 'Regulating home ownership and occupation in Jersey: Human Rights Issues.' In: Thomas, M, (ed.) Immovable Property: The Issues across sectors, across jurisdictions. Institute of Law, 88 - 109. ISBN 978-1-908716-35-4

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Martin, W and Michalowski, S and Juetten, T and Burch, M (2014) Achieving CRPD Compliance: Is the Mental Capacity Act of England and Wales compatible with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability? If not, what next? Project Report. Report for the UK Ministry of Justice, Essex Autonomy Project, University of Essex, Colchester.

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Nikolaidis, C (2014) The right to equality in European Human rights law: The quest for substance in the jurisprudence of the European Courts. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781317701378


Owen, R (2014) Can there be a separate legal and training agenda for Wales? In: W.G. Hart Legal Workshop Series, ? - ?, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London.

Owen, R (2014) 'Gathering the Excluded Voice: The TXT Inside/TXT Outside Project.' International Journal of Clinical Legal Education, 21 (1). 5 - 41. ISSN 1467-1069

Owen, R (2014) 'Silk road to Welsh devolution.' Law Society Gazette.

Owen, Richard (2014) 'Is there an elephant in the room? Fee-charging McKenzie Friends, university law clinics and the Legal Services Consumer Panel.' The Law Teacher, 48 (3). 367 - 371. ISSN 0306-9400


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Wright, J (2014) 'A damp squib? The impact of section 6 HRA on the common law: horizontal effect and beyond.' Public Law, April. 289 - 305.

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