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Bode, NWF and Franks, DW and Jamie Wood, A and Piercy, JJB and Croft, DP and Codling, EA (2012) 'Distinguishing social from nonsocial navigation in moving animal groups.' American Naturalist, 179 (5). 621 - 632. ISSN 0003-0147

Bode, NWF and Franks, DW and Wood, AJ and Piercy, JJB and Croft, DP and Codling, EA (2012) Data from: Distinguishing social from nonsocial navigation in moving animal groups, American Naturalist 179(5): 621-632. doi:10.1086/665005. Dryad Digital Repository.


Carr, MJ and Bao, Y and Pan, J and Cruickshank, K and McNamee, R (2012) 'The predictive ability of blood pressure in elderly trial patients.' Journal of Hypertension, 30 (9). 1725 - 1733. ISSN 0263-6352

Chountasis, S and Katsikis, VN and Pappas, D and Perperoglou, A (2012) 'The whittaker smoother and the moore-penrose inverse in signal reconstruction.' Applied Mathematical Sciences, 6 (25-28). 1205 - 1219. ISSN 1312-885X

Codling, EA and Dumbrell, AJ (2012) 'Mathematical and theoretical ecology: Linking models with ecological processes.' Interface Focus, 2 (2). 144 - 149. ISSN 2042-8898


Dai, H and Fu, B (2012) 'A polar coordinate transformation for estimating bivariate survival functions with randomly censored and truncated data.' Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 142 (1). 248 - 262. ISSN 0378-3758


Farooq, M and Salhi, A (2012) 'New recurrence relationships between orthogonal polynomials which lead to new Lanczos-type algorithms.' Journal of Prime Research in Mathematics, 8. 61 - 75. ISSN 1817-3462

Freitas, D and Malina, RM and Maia, J and Lefevre, J and Stasinopoulos, M and Gouveia, E and Claessens, A and Thomis, M and Lausen, B (2012) Short-term secular change in height, body mass and Tanner-Whitehouse 3 skeletal maturity of Madeira youth, Portugal. UNSPECIFIED.


Gerdjikov, V and Grahovski, G and Mikhailov, A and Valchev, T (2012) 'On soliton interactions for the hierarchy of a generalised Heisenberg ferromagnetic model on SU(3)/S(U(1)×U(2)) symmetric space.' Journal of Geometry and Symmetry in Physics, 25 (MARCH). 23 - 55. ISSN 1312-5192

Gerdjikov, VS and Grahovski, GG and Ivanov, RI (2012) 'On the integrability of KdV hierarchy with self-consistent sources.' Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis, 11 (4). 1439 - 1452. ISSN 1534-0392

Grahovski, GG (2012) 'The generalised Zakharov-Shabat system and the gauge group action.' Journal of Mathematical Physics, 53 (7). ISSN 0022-2488

Greenwood, C and Metodieva, G and Al-Janabi, K and Lausen, B and Alldridge, L and Leng, L and Bucala, R and Fernandez, N and Metodiev, MV (2012) 'Stat1 and CD74 overexpression is co-dependent and linked to increased invasion and lymph node metastasis in triple-negative breast cancer.' Journal of Proteomics, 75 (10). 3031 - 3040. ISSN 1874-3919

Grothey, A and Yang, X (2012) 'Approximate dynamic programming with Bézier Curves/Surfaces for Top-percentile Traffic Routing.' European Journal of Operational Research, 218 (3). 698 - 707. ISSN 0377-2217


Higgins, PM (2012) 'Burrows-Wheeler transformations and de Bruijn words.' Theoretical Computer Science, 457. 128 - 136. ISSN 0304-3975

Higgins, PM (2012) 'The product of the idempotents and an H-class of the finite full transformation semigroup.' Semigroup Forum, 84 (2). 203 - 215. ISSN 0037-1912

Horn, FK and Lämmer, R and Mardin, CY and Jünemann, AG and Michelson, G and Lausen, B and Adler, W (2012) 'Combined evaluation of frequency doubling technology perimetry and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy for glaucoma detection using automated classification.' Journal of Glaucoma, 21 (1). 27 - 34. ISSN 1057-0829

Howie, J and Williams, G (2012) 'Tadpole Labelled Oriented Graph groups and cyclically presented groups.' Journal of Algebra, 371. 521 - 535. ISSN 0021-8693


Iliopoulos, V and Penman, DB (2012) 'Dual Pivot Quicksort.' Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, 04 (03). creators - Penman=3ADavid_B=3A=3A. ISSN 1793-8309


Jones, DOB and Gates, AR and Lausen, B (2012) 'Recovery of deep-water megafaunal assemblages from hydrocarbon drilling disturbance in the Faroe-Shetland Channel.' Marine Ecology Progress Series, 461. 71 - 82. ISSN 0171-8630


Khan Mashwani, W and Salhi, A (2012) 'A decomposition-based hybrid multiobjective evolutionary algorithm with dynamic resource allocation.' Applied Soft Computing Journal, 12 (9). 2765 - 2780. ISSN 1568-4946

Knell, AS and Codling, EA (2012) 'Classifying area-restricted search (ARS) using a partial sum approach.' Theoretical Ecology, 5 (3). 325 - 339. ISSN 1874-1738

Kraak, SBM and Reid, DG and Gerritsen, HD and Kelly, CJ and Fitzpatrick, M and Codling, EA and Rogan, E (2012) '21st century fisheries management: A spatio-temporally explicit tariff-based approach combining multiple drivers and incentivising responsible fishing.' ICES Journal of Marine Science, 69 (4). 590 - 601. ISSN 1054-3139


Lewis, ND and Breckels, MN and Archer, SD and Morozov, A and Pitchford, JW and Steinke, M and Codling, EA (2012) Grazing-induced production of DMS can stabilize food-web dynamics and promote the formation of phytoplankton blooms in a multitrophic plankton model. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Pappas, D and Perperoglou, A (2012) 'Constrained matrix optimization with applications.' Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 40 (1-2). 357 - 369. ISSN 1598-5865

Peng, S and Nejabati, R and Escalona, E and Simeonidou, D and Anastasopoulos, M and Georgakilas, K and Tzanakaki, A and Vernitski, A (2012) Performance modelling and analysis of dynamic virtual optical network composition. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Salhi, A (2012) Explaining the Mpemba effect. University of Essex.

Samuels, TL and Willers, JW and Uncles, DR and Monteiro, R and Halloran, C and Dai, H (2012) 'In vitro suppression of drug-induced methaemoglobin formation by Intralipid®in whole human blood: observations relevant to the ‘lipid sink theory’*.' Anaesthesia, 67 (1). 23 - 32. ISSN 0003-2409

Shanahan, HP and Memon, FN and Upton, GJG and Harrison, AP (2012) 'Normalized Affymetrix expression data are biased by G-quadruplex formation.' Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (8). 3307 - 3315. ISSN 0305-1048


Upton, GJG and Harrison, AP (2012) 'Motif effects in Affymetrix GeneChips seriously affect probe intensities.' Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (19). 9705 - 9716. ISSN 0305-1048


Vernitski, A and Pyatkin, A (2012) 'Astral graphs (threshold graphs), scale-free graphs and related algorithmic questions.' Journal of Discrete Algorithms, 12. 24 - 28. ISSN 1570-8667


Williams, G (2012) 'Groups of Fibonacci type revisited.' International Journal of Algebra and Computation, 22 (8). ISSN 0218-1967

Williams, G (2012) 'Largeness and sq-universality of cyclically presented groups.' International Journal of Algebra and Computation, 22 (4). ISSN 0218-1967


Yang, X and Grothey, A (2012) 'Solving the top-percentile traffic routing problem by approximate dynamic programming.' IMA Journal of Management Mathematics, 23 (4). 413 - 434. ISSN 1471-678X

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