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Adler, Werner and Gefeller, Olaf and Gul, Asma and Horn, Folkert K and Khan, Zardad and Lausen, Berthold (2016) 'Ensemble Pruning for Glaucoma Detection in an Unbalanced Data Set.' Methods of Information in Medicine, 55 (6). 557 - 563. ISSN 0026-1270

Agaoglou, M and Fečkan, M and Pospíšil, M and Rothos, VM and Susanto, H (2016) 'Travelling waves in nonlinear magneto-inductive lattices.' Journal of Differential Equations, 260 (2). 1717 - 1746. ISSN 0022-0396

Akman, Murat (2016) 'On the absolute continuity of p-harmonic measure and surface measure in Reifenberg flat domains.' Pacific Journal of Mathematics, 286 (1). 25 - 37. ISSN 0030-8730

Al-Mawali, N and Hasim, HM and Al-Busaidi, K (2016) 'Modeling the impact of the oil sector on the economy of sultanate of Oman.' International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 6 (1). 120 - 127. ISSN 2146-4553

Alhaji, BB and Dai, H and Hayashi, Y and Vinciotti, V and Harrison, A and Lausen, B (2016) Analysis of ChIP-seq data via Bayesian finite mixture models with a non-parametric component. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

Alhaji, BB and Dai, H and Hayashi, Y and Vinciotti, V and Harrison, A and Lausen, B (2016) 'Bayesian analysis for mixtures of discrete distributions with a non-parametric component.' Journal of Applied Statistics, 43 (8). 1369 - 1385. ISSN 0266-4763

Alhaji Bukar, Baba Bukar (2016) Bayesian analysis for mixtures of discrete distributions with a non-parametric component. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Alsoufi, G and Yang, X and Salhi, A (2016) 'Robust berth allocation using a hybrid approach combining branch-and-cut and the genetic algorithm.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) UNSPECIFIED UNSPECIFIED, 187 - 201. ISBN 9783319396354

Antonopoulos, CG (2016) 'Dynamic range in the C. elegans brain network.' Chaos, 26 (1). ISSN 1054-1500

Antonopoulos, CG and Bountis, T and Drossos, L (2016) 'Coupled symplectic maps as models for subdiffusive processes in disordered Hamiltonian lattices.' Applied Numerical Mathematics, 104. 110 - 119. ISSN 0168-9274

Antonopoulos, CG and Fokas, AS and Bountis, TC (2016) 'Dynamical complexity in the C.elegans neural network.' European Physical Journal: Special Topics, 225 (6-7). 1255 - 1269. ISSN 1951-6355

Antunes, António M and Maia, José A and Gouveia, Élvio R and Thomis, Martine A and Lefevre, Johan A and Teixeira, Alexandra Q and Freitas, Duarte L (2016) 'Change, stability and prediction of gross motor co-ordination in Portuguese children.' Annals of Human Biology, 43 (3). 201 - 211. ISSN 0301-4460

Auger-Méthé, Marie and Derocher, Andrew E and DeMars, Craig A and Plank, Michael J and Codling, Edward A and Lewis, Mark A (2016) 'Evaluating random search strategies in three mammals from distinct feeding guilds.' Journal of Animal Ecology, 85 (5). 1411 - 1421. ISSN 0021-8790


Bai, Y and Dai, X and Harrison, A and Johnston, C and Chen, M (2016) 'Toward a next-generation atlas of RNA secondary structure.' Briefings in Bioinformatics, 17 (1). 63 - 77. ISSN 1467-5463

Bianco-Martinez, E and Rubido, N and Antonopoulos, CG and Baptista, MS (2016) 'Successful network inference from time-series data using Mutual Information Rate.' Chaos: an interdisciplinary journal of nonlinear science, 26 (4). ISSN 1054-1500

Bogley, WA and Williams, G (2016) 'Efficient Finite Groups Arising in the Study of Relative Asphericity.' Mathematische Zeitschrift, 284 (1). 507 - 535. ISSN 0025-5874


Cheltsov, Ivan and Martinez-Garcia, Jesus (2016) 'Dynamic Alpha-invariants of Del Pezzo Surfaces.' International Mathematics Research Notices, 2016 (10). 2994 - 3028. ISSN 1073-7928

Codling, Edward A and Bode, Nikolai WF (2016) 'Balancing direct and indirect sources of navigational information in a leaderless model of collective animal movement.' Journal of Theoretical Biology, 394. 32 - 42. ISSN 0022-5193


Dai, H and Restaino, M and Wang, H (2016) 'A class of nonparametric bivariate survival function estimators for randomly censored and truncated data.' Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 28 (4). 736 - 751. ISSN 1048-5252


Freitas, DL and Lausen, B and Maia, JAR and Gouveia, R and Thomis, M and Lefevre, J and Silva, RD and Malina, RM (2016) 'Skeletal Maturation, Body Size, and Motor Coordination in Youth 11-14 Years.' Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise, 48 (6). 1129 - 1135. ISSN 0195-9131


Gerdjikov, VS and Grahovski, GG and Ivanov, RI (2016) 'The N-wave equations with PT symmetry.' Theoretical and Mathematical Physics, 188 (3). 1305 - 1321. ISSN 0040-5779

Grahovski, GG and Konstantinou-Rizos, S and Mikhailov, AV (2016) 'Grassmann extensions of Yang-Baxter maps.' Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 49 (14). ISSN 1751-8113

Gul, A and Khan, Z and Perperoglou, A and Mahmoud, O and Miftahuddin, M and Adler, W and Lausen, B (2016) Ensemble of subset of k-nearest neighbours models for class membership probability estimation. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Hasim, HM (2016) 'The Development of an actuarial approach to calculate damages for loss of future earnings.' Law, Probability and Risk, 15 (2). 95 - 106. ISSN 1470-8396

Higham, NJ and Noferini, V (2016) 'An algorithm to compute the polar decomposition of a 3 × 3 matrix.' Numerical Algorithms, 73 (2). 349 - 369. ISSN 1017-1398

Hizanidis, J and Kouvaris, NE and Gorka, ZL and Díaz-Guilera, A and Antonopoulos, CG (2016) 'Chimera-like States in Modular Neural Networks.' Scientific Reports, 6. ISSN 2045-2322


Juhász, Z and Vernitski, A (2016) 'Semigroups with operation-compatible Green’s quasiorders.' Semigroup Forum, 93 (2). 387 - 402. ISSN 0037-1912


Kayaturan, G and Vernitski, A (2016) A Way of Eliminating Errors When Using Bloom Filters for Routing in Computer Networks. In: ICN 2016 : The Fifteenth International Conference on Networks, ? - ?.

Khan, Z and Gul, A and Mahmoud, O and Miftahuddin, M and Perperoglou, A and Adler, W and Lausen, B (2016) An Ensemble of Optimal Trees for Class Membership probability estimation. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

Khan, Z and Gul, A and Perperoglou, A and Miftahuddin, M and Mahmoud, O and Adler, W and Lausen, B (2016) An Ensemble of Optimal Trees for Classification and Regression (OTE). UNSPECIFIED. Elsevier.

Kirikchi, OB and Bachtiar, AA and Susanto, H (2016) 'Bright Solitons in a PT -Symmetric Chain of Dimers.' Advances in Mathematical Physics, 2016. ISSN 1687-9120


Li, Nianqiang and Alexandropoulos, Dimitris and Susanto, Hadi and Henning, Ian and Adams, Mike (2016) 'Stability Analysis of Quantum-Dot Spin-VCSELs.' Electronics, 5 (4). ISSN 2079-9292


Mahmoud, O and Harrison, A and Gul, A and Khan, Z and Metodiev, MV and Lausen, B (2016) Minimizing redundancy among genes selected based on the overlapping analysis. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

Mashwani, WK and Salhi, A (2016) 'Multiobjective evolutionary algorithm based on multimethod with dynamic resources allocation.' Applied Soft Computing Journal, 39. 292 - 309. ISSN 1568-4946

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Metodieva, G and Adoki, S and Lausen, B and Metodiev, MV (2016) 'Decreased Usage of Specific Scrib Exons Defines a More Malignant Phenotype of Breast Cancer With Worsened Survival.' EBioMedicine, 8. 150 - 158. ISSN 2352-3964

Miftahuddin, Miftahuddin (2016) Modelling sea surface temperature using generalized additive models for location scale and shape by boosting with autocorrelation. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Mikhailov, Alexander V and Papamikos, Georgios and Wang, Jing Ping (2016) 'Darboux Transformation for the Vector Sine-Gordon Equation and Integrable Equations on a Sphere.' Letters in Mathematical Physics, 106 (7). 973 - 996. ISSN 0377-9017

Mikhailov, Alexander V and Papamikos, Georgios and Wang, Jing Ping (2016) 'Dressing method for the vector sine-Gordon equation and its soliton interactions.' Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena, 325. 53 - 62. ISSN 0167-2789


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Noferini, Vanni and Pérez, Javier (2016) 'Chebyshev rootfinding via computing eigenvalues of colleague matrices: when is it stable?' Mathematics of Computation, 86 (306). 1741 - 1767. ISSN 0025-5718


Owen, Anne M (2016) Widescale analysis of transcriptomics data using cloud computing methods. PhD thesis, University of Essex.


Perperoglou, A (2016) 'A special case of reduced rank models for identification and modelling of time varying effects in survival analysis.' Statistics in Medicine, 35 (28). 5135 - 5148. ISSN 0277-6715

Piercy, JJB and Smith, DJ and Codling, EA and Hill, AJ and Simpson, SD (2016) 'The good, the bad, and the distant: Soundscape cues for larval fish.' 829 - 837. ISSN 0065-2598

Pride, SJ and Vernitski, A and Wong, KB and Wong, PC (2016) 'Conjugacy and Other Properties of One-Relator Groups.' Communications in Algebra, 44 (4). 1588 - 1598. ISSN 0092-7872


Selamoğlu, B and Salhi, A (2016) 'The plant propagation algorithm for discrete optimisation: The case of the travelling salesman problem.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Studies in Computational Intelligence. UNSPECIFIED, 43 - 61.

Sulaiman, M and Salhi, A (2016) 'A hybridisation of runner-based and seed-based plant propagation algorithms.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Studies in Computational Intelligence. UNSPECIFIED, 195 - 215.

Sulaiman, M and Salhi, A and Fraga, ES and Mashwani, WK and Rashidi, MM (2016) 'A Novel Plant Propagation Algorithm: Modifications and Implementation.' Science International, 28 (1). 201 - 209. ISSN 1013-5316

Syafwan, M and Kevrekidis, P and Paris-Mandoki, A and Lesanovsky, I and Krüger, P and Hackermüller, L and Susanto, H (2016) 'Superfluid flow past an obstacle in annular Bose–Einstein condensates.' Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 49. ISSN 0953-4075


Vrontos, S (2016) 'Hedge Funds Managerial Skill Revisited: A Quantile Regression Approach.' Bankers, Markets & Investors, 140.


Wang, J and Meng, X and Yuan, C and Harrison, AP and Chen, M (2016) 'The roles of cross-talk epigenetic patterns in Arabidopsis thaliana.' Briefings in Functional Genomics, 15 (4). 278 - 287. ISSN 2041-2649


Yang, X and Strauss, AK and Currie, CSM and Eglese, R (2016) 'Choice-based demand management and vehicle routing in E-fulfillment.' Transportation Science, 50 (2). 473 - 488. ISSN 0041-1655

Yang, X and Vernitski, A and Carrea, L (2016) 'An approximate dynamic programming approach for improving accuracy of lossy data compression by Bloom filters.' European Journal of Operational Research, 252 (3). 985 - 994. ISSN 0377-2217


Zhang, Qiaozhen and Dai, Hongsheng and Fu, Bo (2016) 'A proportional hazards model for time-to-event data with epidemiological bias.' Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 152. 224 - 236. ISSN 0047-259X

Zuliana, SU and Perperoglou, A (2016) The weight of penalty optimization for ridge regression. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

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