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Alston, Lee J and Hatton, Tim (1991) 'The Earnings Gap Between Agricultural and Manufacturing Laborers, 1925-1941.' Journal of Economic History, 51 (01). pp. 83-99. ISSN 0022-0507


Booth, Alison L (1991) 'Job-Related Formal Training: Who Receives It and What Is It Worth?' Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 53 (3). pp. 281-94. ISSN 0305-9049

Booth, Alison L and Satchell, S E (1991) The Hazards of Doing a PhD: An Analysis of Completion and withdrawal rates of British PhDs in the 1980's. Working Paper. Australian National University, Department of Economics, Papers 234.

Brogan, Hugh and Kerr, Anne P (1991) Correspondence et Conversations d'Alexis de Tocqueville et Nassau William Senior. Gallimard, Paris. ISBN 2070719456


Chambers, Marcus J (1991) 'Discrete Models for Estimating General Linear Continuous Time Systems.' Econometric Theory, 7 (04). pp. 531-542. ISSN 0266-4666


Davies, Joan (1991) 'History, biography, propaganda and patronage in early seventeenth-century France.' Seventeenth-Century French Studies, 13. pp. 5-17. ISSN 0265-1068

Davies, Joan (1991) 'Neither politique nor patriot? Henri, duc de Montmorency and Philip II, 1582-1589.' Historical Journal , 34 (3 ). ISSN 0018-246x

Dorn, Nicholas and Henderson, Sheila and South, Nigel (1991) AIDS: Women, Drugs and Social Care. Falmer Press, London and Washington. ISBN 9781135427795

Dorn, Nick and South, Nigel (1991) 'Drugs, Crime and Law Enforcement: Some Issues for Europe.' In: Heidensohn, Frances and Farrell, Martin, (eds.) Crime in Europe. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 72-83. ISBN 978-0415050722


Hatton, Tim (1991) 'Book Review - Alan Booth (1989), Modern Europe British Economic Policy 1931-1949: Was There a Keynesian Revolution? Hemel Hempstead, Harvester-Wheatsheaf.' Journal of Economic History, 51 (01). pp. 218-219. ISSN 0022-0507

Hatton, Tim (1991) 'Book Review - W R Garside (1990), British Unemployment 1919-1939: A Study in Public Policy. Cambridge University Press.' Journal of Economic History, 51 (02). pp. 490-492. ISSN 0022-0507

Hatton, Tim and Williamson, Jeffrey G (1991) 'Integrated and Segmented Labor Markets: Thinking in Two Sectors.' Journal of Economic History, 51 (02). pp. 413-425. ISSN 0022-0507

Hatton, Tim and Williamson, Jeffrey G (1991) Labor Market Integration And The Rural-Urban Wage Gap In History. Working Paper. Harvard Institute of Economic Research Working Papers.

Hatton, Tim and Williamson, Jeffrey G (1991) 'Unemployment, employment contracts, and compensating wage differentials: Michigan in the 1890s.' Journal of Economic History, 51 (03). pp. 605-632. ISSN 0022-0507

Hatton, Tim and Williamson, Jeffrey G (1991) 'Wage gaps between farm and city: Michigan in the 1890s.' Explorations in Economic History, 28 (4). pp. 381-408. ISSN 0014-4983

Higgs, Edward J (1991) 'Diseases, febrile poisons, and statistics: the census as a medical survey.' Social History of Medicine , 4 (3 ). ISSN 0951-631X


Jones, Michael A (1991) 'Infinitives with specified subjects in Sardinian.' In: Laeufer, Christiane and Morgan, Terrell A., (eds.) Theoretical Analyses in Romance Linguistics. John Benjamins Publishing, Amsterdam, pp. 295-310. ISBN 9789027277930


Kemp, Gordon C R (1991) 'The Joint Distribution of Forecast Errors in the AR(1) Model.' Econometric Theory, 7 (04). pp. 497-518. ISSN 0266-4666

Kemp, Gordon C R (1991) 'On Wald tests for globally and locally quadratic restrictions.' Journal of Econometrics, 50 (3). pp. 257-272. ISSN 0304-4076


Laurie, Heather and Sullivan, Oriel (1991) 'Combining qualitative and quantitative data in the longitudinal study of household allocations.' Sociological Review, 39 (1). pp. 113-130. ISSN 0038-0261


Markose, Sheri M (1991) 'End-independent legal rules and the political economy of expanding market societies of Europe.' European Journal of Political Economy, 7 (4). pp. 579-601. ISSN 0176-2680


Patrick, Peter L (1991) 'Creoles at the Intersection of Variable Processes: -t, -d deletion and past-marking in the Jamaican mesolect.' Language Variation and Change, 3 (2). pp. 171-189. ISSN 0954-3945

Plummer, Ken (1991) Sexualities: Critical Concepts in Sociology (4 volumes). Routledge. ISBN 978-0415212724

Plummer, Ken (1991) Symbolic Interactionism: Volume 1 - Foundations and History; Volume 2 - Contemporary Issues. Edward Elgar Publishing, Aldershot. ISBN 9781852781583

Pudney, Stephen (1991) Modelling individual choice: the econometrics of corners, kinks and holes. Basil Blackwell, Cambridge, Mass.. ISBN 1557862974


Rose, David and Buck, Nick and Corti, Louise (1991) 'Design issues in the British Household Panel Study.' BMS: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology, 32 (1). pp. 14-43. ISSN 0759-1063


Sanders, David (1991) 'Government popularity and the next general election.' The Political Quarterly, 62 (2). pp. 235-261. ISSN 0032-3179

Schulze, Rainer (1991) 'Arbeiterschaft und Arbeiterbewegung in Großbritannien. Forschungsstand und Perspektiven der Forschung: Einige einleitende Bemerkungen.' Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts zur Erforschung der europäischen Arbeiterbewegung (iga) , 11 . ISSN 0173-2471

Schulze, Rainer (1991) 'Wichtige Archive und Bibliotheken zur Erforschung der Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung in Großbritannien – eine Übersicht.' Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts zur Erforschung der europäischen Arbeiterbewegung (iga) , 11 . ISSN 0173-2471

Schürer, Kevin (1991) 'The 1891 census and local population studies.' Local Population Studies , 47 . ISSN 0143 2974

Schürer, Kevin (1991) 'The future for local history: boom or recession?' Local Historian , 21 . ISSN 00 24 55585

Smith, Eric and Wright, Randall (1991) Why is automobile insurance in Philadelphia so damn expensive? Working Paper. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Staff Report 139.

Swift, Anthony (1991) 'Fighting the germs of disorder: The censorship of Russian popular theater, 1888-1917.' Russian History , 18 (1 ). ISSN 0094-288X

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