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Karageorge, A and Rhodes, P and Gray, R and Papadopoulos, RK (2017) 'Refugee and staff experiences of psychotherapeutic services.' Intervention, 15 (1). 51 - 69. ISSN 1571-8883

Shea, S and Samoutis, G and Wynyard, R and Samoutis, A and Lionis, C and Anastasiou, A and Araujo, A and Papageorgiou, A and Papadopoulos, RK (2016) 'Encouraging compassion through teaching and learning: a case study in Cyprus.' Journal of Compassionate Health Care, 3 (10). ISSN 2053-2393

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Papadopoulos, RK (2015) 'Trauma e processi di resilienza; un approccio psicosociale.' Prospettive Sociali e Sanitarie, XLV. 6 - 9. ISSN 0393-9510

Papadopoulos, RK (2014) 'L'altro altro: quando l'altro esotico sottomette l'altro familiare.' Rivista di Psicologia Analitica, 90 (38). 55 - 88. ISSN 0392-9787

Papadopoulos, RK (2013) 'Ethnopsychologische Annäherungen an Überlebende von Katastrophen. Prolegomena zu einer jungianischen Perspektive.' Analytische Psychologie, 172 (44). 134 - 171. ISSN 0301-3006

Papadopoulos, RK (2008) 'L' Umwelt, Jung e le reti di immagini archetipiche.' Rivista di Psicologia Analitica. Nuova serie, 26 (78). 93 - 128.

Papadopoulos, RK (2008) 'Systemic Challenges in a Refugee Camp.' Context, the Journal of the Association of Family Therapy. 16 - 19.

Book Section

Papadopoulos, RK (2016) 'Therapeutic encounters and interventions outside the consulting room: challenges in theory and practice.' In: Kiehl, E and Saban, M and Samuels, A, (eds.) Analysis and Activism: Social and Political Contributions of Jungian Psychology. Routledge, 11 - 20.

Papadopoulos, RK (2015) 'Refugees and psychological trauma.' In: Leo, G, (ed.) Psychoanalysis, Collective Traumas and Memory Places. Frenis Zero Press, 225 - 246.

Papadopoulos, RK (2015) 'Terrorisme et panique.' In: Delga, J, (ed.) Penser et repenser le terrorisme. MA Editions, 217 - 231.

Papadopoulos, RK (2012) 'Keep Thy Mind in Hell and Despair Not? Reflections on psychosocial work with survivors of political violence.' In: Welker, M, (ed.) The Spirit in Creation and New Creation: Science and Theology in Western and Orthodox Realms. William B Eerdmans, 143 - 160. ISBN 978-0-8028-6692-9

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Papadopoulos, RK (2010) 'Deepening Connections.' In: Henderson, R and Henderson, JW, (eds.) Living with Jung: "Enterviews" with Jungian Analysts, Vol 3. Spring. ISBN 9781935528050

Papadopoulos, RK (2010) 'Working with refugee and asylum seeking families.' In: Singh, R and Dutta, S, (eds.) ?Race? And Culture. Tools, Techniques and Trainings. A Manual for Professionals. Systemic Thinking and Practice Series . Karnac. ISBN 9781855757714

Papadopoulos, RK (2009) 'Jung and Otherings in South Africa.' In: Bennett, P, (ed.) Cape Town 2007 Journeys, Encounters: Clinical, Communal, Cultural. Daimon. ISBN 9783856307288


Papadopoulos, RK (2010) Enhancing Vulnerable Asylum Seekers' Protection. Trainers' Handbook. International Organisation for Migration.

Papadopoulos, RK and Muneghina, O (2010) Enhancing Vulnerable Asylum Seekers' Protection. Transnational Report 2009-2010. International Organisation for Migration.

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