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Whitaker, LR and Simpson, A and Roberson, D (2017) 'Brief Report: Is Impaired Classification of Subtle Facial Expressions in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Related to Atypical Emotion Category Boundaries?' Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 47 (8). 2628 - 2634. ISSN 0162-3257

Lewis, J and Roberson, D and Foulsham, T (2017) 'The impact of facial abnormalities and their spatial position on perception of cuteness and attractiveness of infant faces.' PLoS ONE, 12 (7). ISSN 1932-6203

Liu, Q and Lin, S and Zhao, G and Roberson, D (2016) 'The effect of modulating top-down attention deployment on the N2pc/PCN.' Biological Psychology, 117. 187 - 193. ISSN 0301-0511

Whitaker, L and Jones, CRG and Wilkins, AJ and Roberson, D (2016) 'Judging the Intensity of Emotional Expression in Faces: The Effects of Colored Tints on Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder.' Autism Research, 9 (4). 450 - 459. ISSN 1939-3792

Samuel, S and Roehr-Brackin, K and Roberson, D (2016) '‘She says, he says’: Does the sex of an instructor interact with the grammatical gender of targets in a perspective-taking task?' International Journal of Bilingualism, 20 (1). 40 - 61. ISSN 1367-0069

Li, P and Song, X and Wang, J and Zhou, X and Li, J and Lin, F and Hu, Z and Zhang, X and Cui, H and Wang, W and Li, H and Cong, F and Roberson, D (2015) 'Reduced sensitivity to neutral feedback versus negative feedback in subjects with mild depression: Evidence from event-related potentials study.' Brain and Cognition, 100. 15 - 20. ISSN 0278-2626

Gendron, M and Roberson, D and Barrett, LF (2015) 'Cultural Variation in Emotion Perception Is Real: A Response to Sauter, Eisner, Ekman, and Scott (2015).' Psychological Science. ISSN 0956-7976

Hu, Z and Hanley, JR and Zhang, R and Liu, Q and Roberson, D (2014) 'A conflict-based model of color categorical perception: evidence from a priming study.' Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 21 (5). 1214 - 1223. ISSN 1069-9384

Roberson, D (2014) 'Mind the translation gap.' Hektoen International Journal of Medical Humanities. ISSN 2155-3017

Cinel, C and Poli, R and Citi, L and Roberson, D (2013) An exploration of the effects of audio-visual entrainment on Parkinson's disease tremor. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

Zhang, R and Hu, Z and Roberson, D and Zhang, L and Li, H and Liu, Q (2013) 'Neural Processes Underlying the "Same" - "Different" Judgment of Two Simultaneously Presented Objects - An EEG Study.' PLoS ONE, 8 (12). creators - Roberson=3ADebi=3A=3A. ISSN 1932-6203

Hanley, JR and Roberson, D (2011) 'Categorical perception effects reflect differences in typicality on within-category trials.' Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 18 (2). 355 - 363. ISSN 1069-9384

Roberson, D and Hanley, JR (2010) 'Relatively Speaking: An Account of the Relationship between Language and Thought in the Color Domain.' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Words and the Mind: How Words Capture Human Experience. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780195311129

Kikutani, M and Roberson, D and Hanley, JR (2010) 'Categorical perception for unfamiliar faces. The effect of covert and overt face learning.' Psychological science : a journal of the American Psychological Society / APS, 21 (6). 865 - 872. ISSN 1467-9280

Roberson, D and Hanley, JR (2009) 'Only half right: comment on Regier and Kay.' Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 13 (12). 500 - 501. ISSN 1364-6613

Roberson, D and Hanley, JR and Pak, H (2009) 'Thresholds for color discrimination in English and Korean speakers.' Cognition, 112 (3). 482 - 487. ISSN 0010-0277

Roberson, D (2009) 'Color in mind, culture and language.' In: Schaller, M and Norenzayan, A and Heine, SJ and Yamagishi, T and Kameda, T, (eds.) Evolution, Culture and the Human Mind. Psychology Press and Routledge, 167 - 184. ISBN 9780805859119

Roberson, D and Hanley, JR (2009) 'Relatively speaking: what is therelationship between language and thought in the color domain?' Glimpse, 2.3. 68 - 77.

Kikutani, M and Roberson, D and Hanley, JR (2008) 'What's in the name? Categorical perception for unfamiliar faces can occur through labeling.' Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 15 (4). 787 - 794. ISSN 1069-9384

Roberson, D and Pak, H and Hanley, JR (2008) 'Categorical perception of colour in the left and right visual field is verbally mediated: Evidence from Korean.' Cognition, 107 (2). 752 - 762. ISSN 0010-0277

Hanley, JR and Roberson, D (2008) 'Do Infants see cololurs differently.' Sciencific American. ISSN 0036-8733

Russo, R and Whittuck, D and Roberson, D and Dutton, K and Georgiou, G and Fox, E (2006) 'Mood-congruent free recall bias in anxious individuals is not a consequence of response bias.' Memory, 14 (4). 393 - 399. ISSN 0965-8211

Roberson, D and Davies, I and Davidoff, J (2002) 'Color categories are not universal: replications and new evidence.' In: Saunders, B and Brakel, VJ, (eds.) Theories, Technologies, Instrumentalities of Color Anthropological and Historiographic Perspectives. University Press of America, 25 - 35. ISBN 978-0-7618-2265-3

Russo, R and Patterson, N and Roberson, D and Stevenson, N and Upward, J (1996) 'Emotional value of information and its relevance in the interpretation of homophones in anxiety.' Cognition and Emotion, 10 (2). 213 - 220. ISSN 0269-9931

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