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Schmidt, AF and Swerdlow, DI and Holmes, MV and Patel, RS and Fairhurst-Hunter, Z and Lyall, DM and Hartwig, FP and Horta, BL and Hyppönen, E and Power, C and Moldovan, M and van Iperen, E and Hovingh, GK and Demuth, I and Norman, K and Steinhagen-Thiessen, E and Demuth, J and Bertram, L and Liu, T and Coassin, S and Willeit, J and Kiechl, S and Willeit, K and Mason, D and Wright, J and Morris, R and Wanamethee, G and Whincup, P and Ben-Shlomo, Y and McLachlan, S and Price, JF and Kivimaki, M and Welch, C and Sanchez-Galvez, A and Marques-Vidal, P and Nicolaides, A and Panayiotou, AG and Onland-Moret, NC and van der Schouw, YT and Matullo, G and Fiorito, G and Guarrera, S and Sacerdote, C and Wareham, NJ and Langenberg, C and Scott, R and Luan, J and Bobak, M and Malyutina, S and Pająk, A and Kubinova, R and Tamosiunas, A and Pikhart, H and Husemoen, LLN and Grarup, N and Pedersen, O and Hansen, T and Linneberg, A and Simonsen, KS and Cooper, J and Humphries, SE and Brilliant, M and Kitchner, T and Hakonarson, H and Carrell, DS and McCarty, CA and Kirchner, HL and Larson, EB and Crosslin, DR and de Andrade, M and Roden, DM and Denny, JC and Carty, C and Hancock, S and Attia, J and Holliday, E and O'Donnell, M and Yusuf, S and Chong, M and Pare, G and van der Harst, P and Said, MA and Eppinga, RN and Verweij, N and Snieder, H and Christen, T and Mook-Kanamori, DO and Gustafsson, S and Lind, L and Ingelsson, E and Pazoki, R and Franco, O and Hofman, A and Uitterlinden, A and Dehghan, A and Teumer, A and Baumeister, S and Dörr, M and Lerch, MM and Völker, U and Völzke, H and Ward, J and Pell, JP and Smith, DJ and Meade, T and Maitland-van der Zee, AH and Baranova, EV and Young, R and Ford, I and Campbell, A and Padmanabhan, S and Bots, ML and Grobbee, DE and Froguel, P and Thuillier, D and Balkau, B and Bonnefond, A and Cariou, B and Smart, M and Bao, Y and Kumari, M and Mahajan, A and Ridker, PM and Chasman, DI and Reiner, AP and Lange, LA and Ritchie, MD and Asselbergs, FW and Casas, J-P and Keating, BJ and Preiss, D and Hingorani, AD and Sattar, N (2017) 'PCSK9 genetic variants and risk of type 2 diabetes: a mendelian randomisation study.' The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 5 (2). pp. 97-105. ISSN 2213-8587

Wright, J (2016) 'The Operational Obligation under Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Challenges for Coherence ? Views from the English Supreme Court and Strasbourg.' Journal of European Tort Law, 7 (1). pp. 58-81. ISSN 1868-9612

Dietrich, S and Wright, J (2015) 'Foreign Aid Allocation Tactics and Democratic Change in Africa.' Journal of Politics, 77 (1). pp. 216-234. ISSN 0022-3816

Wright, J (2014) 'A damp squib? The impact of section 6 HRA on the common law: horizontal effect and beyond.' Public Law, April. pp. 289-305.

Wright, J (2013) 'Review of A Fenyes/E Karner/H Koziol/E Steiner (eds), Tort Law in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights (De Gruyter, Berlin/Boston 2011). xxiv + 906 pp. ISBN 978-3-11-025966-7. ? 199.95 (hardback).' Journal of European Tort Law, 4 (3). pp. 347-350. ISSN 1868-9612

Wright, J (2010) 'Retribution but No Recompense: A Critique of the Torturer’s Immunity from Civil Suit.' Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 30 (1). pp. 143-178. ISSN 0143-6503

Wright, J (2009) 'Interpreting Section 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998 ? towards an indigeneous jurisprudence of human rights.' Public Law, 2009. pp. 595-616.

Book Section

Wright, J (2010) 'European legal frameworks that respond to diversity and the need for institutional change: to what extent are the Canadian concept of ?reasonable? accommodation and the European approach of ?mutual? accommodation reflected in those frameworks? Which conceptual approach provides the better way forward in the European context?' In: UNSPECIFIED, (ed.) Institutional accommodation and the citizen: legal and political interaction in a pluralist society. Trends in social cohesion . Council of Europe Publishing, 143 - 159.

Wright, J (2008) 'International Human Rights Law.' In: Cane, P and Conaghan, J, (eds.) The New Oxford Companion to Law. Oxford University Press.

Wright, J (2008) 'The Right to Family Life.' In: Cane, P and Conaghan, J, (eds.) The New Oxford Companion to Law. Oxford University Press.

Conference or Workshop Item

Chamberlain, J and Campello, A and Wright, J and Clift, L and Clark, A and Seco De Herrera, AG (2019) Overview of ImageCLEFcoral 2019 task. In: CLEF 2019 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum, 2019-09-09 - 2019-09-12, Lugano, Switzerland.


Wright, J (2017) Tort Law and Human Rights - Second Edition. Hart Studies in Private Law . Hart.

Thurtle, VJ and Wright, J (2008) Promoting the Health of School Age Children. Quay Books.

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