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Blackburn, R (2004) 'When I?m 65.' London Review of Books, 26 (4). 32 - 34. ISSN 0260-9592

Canessa, A (2004) 'Reproducing racism: Schooling and race in highland Bolivia.' Race Ethnicity and Education, 7 (2). 185 - 204. ISSN 1361-3324

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Glucksmann, MA (2004) 'Call configurations: Varieties of call centre and divisions of labour.' Work, Employment and Society, 18 (4). 795 - 811. ISSN 0950-0170

Harvey, M and Metcalfe, S (2004) 'The ordering of change: Polanyi, Schumpeter and the nature of the market mechanism.' Journal des Economistes et des Etudes Humaines, 14 (2). 1 - 31. ISSN 1145-6396

Harvey, Mark and McMeekin, Andrew (2004) 'Public-private collaborations and the race to sequence Agrobacterium tumefaciens.' Nature Biotechnology, 22 (7). 807 - 810. ISSN 1087-0156

Morawska, Ewa (2004) 'Exploring Diversity in Immigrant Assimilation and Transnationalism: Poles and Russian Jews in Philadelphia.' International Migration Review, 38 (4). 1372 - 1412. ISSN 0197-9183

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South, N (2004) 'Managing work, hedonism and 'the borderline' between the legal and illegal markets: Two case studies of recreational heavy drug users.' Addiction Research and Theory, 12 (6). 525 - 538. ISSN 1606-6359

Sturgis, P and Allum, N (2004) 'Science in society: Re-evaluating the deficit model of public attitudes.' Public Understanding of Science, 13 (1). 55 - 74. ISSN 0963-6625

Wade, TJ and Pevalin, DJ (2004) 'Marital transitions and mental health.' Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 45 (2). 155 - 170. ISSN 0022-1465

Book Section

Coomber, R and South, N (2004) 'Drugs, Cultures and Controls in Comparative Perspective.' In: Coomber, R and South, N, (eds.) Drug Use in Cultural Contexts 'Beyond the West': Tradition, Change and Post-colonialism. Free Association Books, 13 - 26.

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Plummer, K (2004) 'Social Worlds, Social Change and The New Sexualities Theories.' In: Brooks-Gordon, B and Gelsthorpe, L and Johnson, M and Bainham, A, (eds.) Sexuality Repositioned: Diversity and the Law. Hart Publishing.

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Harvey, M and McMeekin, A and Warde, A (2004) Qualities of Food. Manchester University Press. ISBN 9780719068546

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