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Ades, Dawn and McClean, Alison (2009) Revolution on Paper: Mexican Prints 1910-1960. British Museum Press, London. ISBN 9780714126708

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FejƑs, Andrea (2009) PotroĆĄač u uslovima druĆĄtveno-ekonomske krize: problem prezaduĆŸenosti korisnika kredita sa posebnim osvrtom na prevenciju prezaduĆŸenosti (Consumers in Socio-Economic Crisis: the Problem of Over-indebtedness with Special Emphasis on the Prevention of Over-indebtedness). In: Pojedinac, porodica i privredno druĆĄtvo u uslovima druĆĄtveno-ekonomske krize (Individual, Family and Company in Conditions of Socio-Economic Crisis), ? - ?.

FejƑs, Andrea (2009) Vansusko reơavanje sporova potroơača u Srbiji: sadaơnje stanje i preporuke za novu zakonsku regulativu (Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution in Serbia: Current State and Recommendations for the Future). In: Nova zakonska reơenja u zaơtiti potroơača (New Legal Solutions in Consumer Protection), ? - ?.

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