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Agbaitoro, Godswill (2019) Legal strategy for resolving the socio-economic and environmental symptoms of the resource curse in Nigeria: the role of impact and benefit agreements (IBAs). Commonwealth Law Bulletin, 44 (3). pp. 381-399. DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/03050718.2019.1651209

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Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Advertising Regulation: First ads to be banned under the new ASA gender-stereotyping rules. The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) EU General Court rules Adidas’ three-stripe trade mark invalid. EU Law Analysis - Expert Insight into EU Law Developments.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) The High Court refuses to disclose cockpit footage of air accident to the media. IRIS - Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Irresponsible ad related to Brexit is banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Meghan Markle, Ben Stokes, Gareth Thomas: three reasons why UK press needs help to understand ‘public interest’. The Conversation.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Ofcom extends the remit of the Advertising Advisory Committee. IRIS - Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Suppressing undesired vocabulary: Advocate General on the registration of the trade mark ‘Fack Ju Göhte’. The International Forum for Responsible Media Blog.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Talk Radio in breach of Ofcom’s rules on harm and offence. IRIS - Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) UK regulator expands media literacy activities. IRIS - Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Vorsprung durch Technik? Audi scores victory in trade mark appeal before the EU General Court. EU Law Analysis - Expert Insight into EU Law Developments.

Antoniou, Alexandros (2019) Zao’s deepfake face-swapping app shows uploading your photos is riskier than ever. The Conversation.

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Blackmore, Lisa (2019) Contraflujos: Orden hidråulico y ecologías residuales en el paisaje dominicano. Iberoamericana. América Latina - España - Portugal, 19 (72). pp. 57-80. DOI https://doi.org/10.18441/ibam.19.2019.72.57-80

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Blower, Nicolas (2019) LIFTED. [Video]

Brennan, Karen (2019) Murderous Mothers & Gentle Judges: Paternalism,Patriarchy, and Infanticide. Yale Journal of Law and Feminism, 30 (1).

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Ekhator, Eghosa and Agbaitoro, Godswill (2019) Energy Law and Policy in Nigeria with Reflection on the International Energy Charter and Domestication of the African Charter. In: Governance in Nigeria post-1999: Revisiting the democratic ‘new dawn’ of the Fourth Republic. Pretoria University Law Press, South Africa. Official URL: https://www.pulp.up.ac.za/edited-collections/gover...


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