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Advanced integrated mouse YAC map including BAC framework

Schalkwyk, LC and Cusack, B and Dunkel, I and Hopp, M and Kramer, M and Palczewski, S and Piefke, J and Scheel, S and Weiher, M and Wenske, G and Lehrach, H and Himmelbauer, H (2001) 'Advanced integrated mouse YAC map including BAC framework.' Genome Research, 11 (12). 2142 - 2150. ISSN 1088-9051

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Functional characterization of the mouse genome requires the availability of a comprehensive physical map to obtain molecular access to chromosomal regions of interest. Positional cloning remains a crucial way of linking phenotype with particular genes. A key step and frequent stumbling block in positional cloning is making a contig of a genetically defined candidate region. The most efficient first step is isolating YAC (Yeast Artificial Chromosome) clones. A robust, detailed YAC contig map is thus an important tool. Employing Interspersed Repetitive Sequence (IRS)-PCR genomics, we have generated an advanced second-generation YAC contig map of the mouse genome that doubles both the depth of clones and the density of markers available. In addition to the primarily YAC-based map, we located 1942 BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome) clones. This allows us to present for the first time a dense framework of BACs spanning the genome of the mouse, which, for instance, can serve as a nucleus for genomic sequencing. Four large-insert mouse YAC libraries from three different strains are included in our data, and our analysis incorporates the data of Hunter et al. and Nusbaum et al. There is a total of 20,205 markers on the final map, 12,033 from our own data, and a total of 56,093 YACs, of which 44,401 are positive for more than one marker.

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