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Hoogeveen, S and Sarafoglou, A and Aczel, B and Aditya, Y and Alayan, AJ and Allen, PJ and Altay, S and Alzahawi, S and Amir, Y and Anthony, F and Kwame Appiah, O and Atkinson, QD and Baimel, A and Balkaya-Ince, M and Balsamo, M and Banker, S and Bartoš, F and Becerra, M and Beffara, B and Beitner, J and Bendixen, T and Berkessel, JB and Berniūnas, R and Billet, MI and Billingsley, J and Bortolini, T and Breitsohl, H and Bret, A and Brown, FL and Brown, J and Brumbaugh, CC and Buczny, J and Bulbulia, J and Caballero, S and Carlucci, L and Carmichael, CL and Cattaneo, MEGV and Charles, SJ and Claessens, S and Panagopoulos, MC and Costa, AB and Crone, DL and Czoschke, S and Czymara, C and D'Urso, ED and Dahlström, Ö and Rosa, AD and Danielsson, H and De Ron, J and de Vries, YA and Dean, KK and Dik, BJ and Disabato, DJ and Doherty, JK and Draws, T and Drouhot, L and Dujmovic, M and Dunham, Y and Ebert, T and Edelsbrunner, PA and Eerland, A and Elbaek, CT and Farahmand, S and Farahmand, H and Farias, M and Feliccia, AA and Fischer, K and Fischer, R and Fisher-Thompson, D and Francis, Z and Frick, S and Frisch, LK and Geraldes, D and Gerdin, E and Geven, L and Ghasemi, O and Gielens, E and Gligorić, V and Hagel, K and Hajdu, N and Hamilton, HR and Hamzah, I and Hanel, PHP and Hawk, CE and K. Himawan, K and Holding, BC and Homman, LE and Ingendahl, M and Inkilä, H and Inman, ML and Islam, C and Isler, O and Izydorczyk, D and Jaeger, B and Johnson, KA and Jong, J and Karl, JA and Kaszubowski, E and Katz, BA and Keefer, LA and Kelchtermans, S and Kelly, JM and Klein, RA and Kleinberg, B and Knowles, ML and Kołczyńska, M and Koller, D and Krasko, J and Kritzler, S and Krypotos, A and Kyritsis, T and L. Landes, T and Laukenmann, R and Forsyth, GAL and Lazar, A and Lehman, BJ and Levy, N and Lo, RF and Lodder, P and Lorenz, J and Łowicki, P and Ly, AL and Maassen, E and Magyar-Russell, GM and Maier, M and Marsh, DR and Martinez, N and Martinie, M and Martoyo, I and Mason, SE and Mauritsen, AL and McAleer, P and McCauley, T and McCullough, M and McKay, R and McMahon, CM and McNamara, AA and Means, KK and Mercier, B and Mitkidis, P and Monin, B and Moon, JW and Moreau, D and Morgan, J and Murphy, J and Muscatt, G and Nägel, C and Nagy, T and Nalborczyk, L and Nilsonne, G and Noack, P and Norenzayan, A and Nuijten, MB and Olsson-Collentine, A and Oviedo, L and Pavlov, YG and Pawelski, JO and Pearson, HI and Pedder, H and Peetz, HK and Pinus, M and Pirutinsky, S and Polito, V and Porubanova, M and Poulin, MJ and Prenoveau, JM and Prince, MA and Protzko, J and Pryor, C and Purzycki, BG and Qiu, L and Pütter, JQ and Rabelo, A and Radell, ML and Ramsay, JE and Reid, G and J. Roberts, A and Luna, LMR and Ross, RM and Roszak, P and Roy, N and Saarelainen, SK and Sasaki, JY and Schaumans, C and Schivinski, B and Schmitt, MC and Schnitker, SA and Schnuerch, M and Schreiner, MR and Schüttengruber, V and Sebben, S and Segerstrom, SC and Seryczyńska, B and Shjoedt, U and Simsek, M and Sleegers, WWA and Smith, ER and Sowden, WJ and Späth, M and Spörlein, C and Stedden, W and Stoevenbelt, AH and Stuber, S and Sulik, J and Suwartono, C and Syropoulos, S and Szaszi, B and Szecsi, P and Tappin, BM and Tay, L and Thibault, RT and Thompson, B and Thurn, CM and Torralba, J and Tuthill, SD and Ullein, A and Van Aert, RCM and van Assen, MALM and Van Cappellen, P and van den Akker, OR and Van der Cruyssen, I and Van der Noll, J and van Dongen, NNN and Van Lissa, CJ and van Mulukom, V and van Ravenzwaaij, D and van Zyl, CJJ and Ann Vaughn, L and Većkalov, B and Verschuere, B and Vianello, M and Vilanova, F and Vishkin, A and Vogel, V and Vogelsmeier, LVDE and Watanabe, S and White, CJM and Wiebels, K and Wiechert, S and Willett, ZZ and Witkowiak, M and Witvliet, CVO and Wiwad, D and Wuyts, R and Xygalatas, D and Yang, X and Yeo, DJ and Yilmaz, O and Zarzeczna, N and Zhao, Y and Zijlmans, J and van Elk, M and Wagenmakers, E (2022) 'A many-analysts approach to the relation between religiosity and well-being.' Religion, Brain & Behavior. pp. 1-47. ISSN 2153-5981

Zimmermann, E and Ängquist, LH and Mirza, SS and Zhao, JH and Chasman, DI and Fischer, K and Qi, Q and Smith, AV and Thinggaard, M and Jarczok, MN and Nalls, MA and Trompet, S and Timpson, NJ and Schmidt, B and Jackson, AU and Lyytikäinen, LP and Verweij, N and Mueller-Nurasyid, M and Vikström, M and Marques-Vidal, P and Wong, A and Meidtner, K and Middelberg, RP and Strawbridge, RJ and Christiansen, L and Kyvik, KO and Hamsten, A and Jääskeläinen, T and Tjønneland, A and Eriksson, JG and Whitfield, JB and Boeing, H and Hardy, R and Vollenweider, P and Leander, K and Peters, A and van der Harst, P and Kumari, M and Lehtimäki, T and Meirhaeghe, A and Tuomilehto, J and Jöckel, K-H and Ben-Shlomo, Y and Sattar, N and Baumeister, SE and Davey Smith, G and Casas, JP and Houston, DK and März, W and Christensen, K and Gudnason, V and Hu, FB and Metspalu, A and Ridker, PM and Wareham, NJ and Loos, RJF and Tiemeier, H and Sonestedt, E and Sørensen, TIA (2015) 'Is the adiposity-associated<i>FTO</i>gene variant related to all-cause mortality independent of adiposity? Meta-analysis of data from 169,551 Caucasian adults.' Obesity Reviews, 16 (4). pp. 327-340. ISSN 1467-7881

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