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Abdel-Majid, RM and Leong, WL and Schalkwyk, LC and Smallman, DS and Wong, ST and Storm, DR and Fine, A and Dobson, MJ and Guernsey, DL and Neumann, PE (1998) 'Loss of adenylyl cyclase I activity disrupts patterning of mouse somatosensory cortex.' Nature Genetics, 19 (3). 289 - 291. ISSN 1061-4036

Buitkamp, J and Ewald, D and Schalkwyk, L and Weiher, M and Masabanda, J and Sazanov, A and Lehrach, H and Fries, R (1998) 'Construction and characterisation of a gridded chicken cosmid library with four-fold genomic coverage.' Animal Genetics, 29 (4). 295 - 301. ISSN 0268-9146

Epperly, M and Bray, J and Kraeger, S and Zwacka, R and Engelhardt, J and Travis, E and Greenberger, JS (1998) 'Prevention of late effects of irradiation lung damage by manganese superoxide dismutase gene therapy.' Gene Therapy, 5 (2). 196 - 208. ISSN 0969-7128

Fang, X and Weintraub, NL and Rios, CD and Chappell, DA and Zwacka, RM and Engelhardt, JF and Oberley, LW and Yan, T and Heistad, DD and Spector, AA (1998) 'Overexpression of human superoxide dismutase inhibits oxidation of low- density lipoprotein by endothelial cells.' Circulation Research, 82 (12). 1289 - 1297. ISSN 0009-7330

Gonzalez-Zulueta, M and Ensz, LM and Mukhina, G and Lebovitz, RM and Zwacka, RM and Engelhardt, JF and Oberley, LW and Dawson, VL and Dawson, TM (1998) 'Manganese superoxide dismutase protects nNOS neurons from NMDA and nitric oxide-mediated neurotoxicity.' Journal of Neuroscience, 18 (6). 2040 - 2055. ISSN 0270-6474

Himmelbauer, H and Dunkel, I and Otto, GW and Burgtorf, C and Schalkwyk, LC and Lehrach, H (1998) 'Complex probes for high-throughput parallel genetic mapping of genomic mouse BAC clones.' Mammalian Genome, 9 (8). 611 - 616. ISSN 0938-8990

Himmelbauer, H and Wedemeyer, N and Haaf, T and Wanker, EE and Schalkwyk, LC and Lehrach, H (1998) 'IRS-PCR-based genetic mapping of the huntingtin interacting protein gene (HIP1) on mouse chromosome 5.' Mammalian Genome, 9 (1). 26 - 31. ISSN 0938-8990

Priestley, A and Beamish, HJ and Gell, D and Amatucci, AG and Muhlmann-Diaz, MC and Singleton, BK and Smith, GCM and Blunt, T and Schalkwyk, LC and Bedford, JS and Jackson, SP and Jeggo, PA and Taccioli, GE (1998) 'Molecular and biochemical characterisation of DNA-dependent protein kinase-defective rodent mutant irs-20.' Nucleic Acids Research, 26 (8). 1965 - 1973. ISSN 0305-1048

Reuter, A and Nestl, A and Zwacka, RM and Tuckermann, J and Waldherr, R and Wagner, EM and Höyhtyä, M and Meyer Zum Gottesberge, AM and Angel, P and Weiher, H (1998) 'Expression of the recessive glomerulosclerosis gene Mpv17 regulates MMP- 2 expression in fibroblasts, the kidney, and the inner ear of mice.' Molecular Biology of the Cell, 9 (7). 1675 - 1682. ISSN 1059-1524

Schalkwyk, LC and Weiher, M and Kirby, M and Cusack, B and Himmelbauer, H and Lehrach, H (1998) 'Refined radiation hybrid map of mouse Chromosome 17.' Mammalian Genome, 9 (10). 807 - 811. ISSN 0938-8990

Steinke, M and Wolfe, GV and Kirst, GO (1998) 'Partial characterisation of dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) lyase isozymes in 6 strains of Emiliania huxleyi.' Marine Ecology Progress Series, 175. 215 - 225. ISSN 0171-8630

Woo, YJ and Zhang, JCL and Vijayasarathy, C and Zwacka, RM and Englehardt, JF and Gardner, TJ and Sweeney, HL (1998) 'Recombinant adenovirus-mediated cardiac gene transfer of superoxide dismutase and catalase attenuates postischemic contractile dysfunction.' Circulation, 98 (19 SUP). ISSN 0009-7322

Zwacka, RM and Dudus, L and Epperly, MW and Greenberger, JS and Engelhardt, JF (1998) 'Redox gene therapy protects human IB-3 lung epithelial cells against ionizing radiation-induced apoptosis.' Human Gene Therapy, 9 (9). 1381 - 1386. ISSN 1043-0342

Zwacka, RM and Dunlop, MG (1998) 'Gene therapy for colon cancer.' Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America, 12 (3). 595 - 615. ISSN 0889-8588

Zwacka, RM and Zhang, Y and Zhou, W and Halldorson, J and Engelhardt, JE (1998) 'Ischemia/reperfusion injury in the liver of BALB/c mice activates AP-1 and nuclear factor κB independently of IκB degradation.' Hepatology, 28 (4 I). 1022 - 1030. ISSN 0270-9139

Zwacka, RM and Zhou, W and Zhang, Y and Darby, CJ and Dudus, L and Halldorson, J and Oberley, L and Engelhardt, JF (1998) 'Redox gene therapy for ischemia/reperfusion injury of the liver reduces AP1 and NF-κB activation.' Nature Medicine, 4 (6). 698 - 704. ISSN 1078-8956

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