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Pickering, Steve and Dorussen, Han and Hansen, Martin Ejnar and Reifler, Jason and Scotto, Thomas and Sunahara, Yosuke and Yen, Dorothy (2024) London, you have a problem with women: trust towards the police in England. Policing and Society. pp. 1-16. DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/10439463.2024.2334009

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Book Section

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Fanoulis, Evangelos and Kirchner, EMil and Dorussen, Han and Hinkkainen, Kaisa (2014) ANVIL Deliverable 5.1: Report on EU added-value for policy stakeholders. Technical Report. ANVIL Analysis of Civil Security Systems in Europe.


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Dorussen, Han (2020) UN: political missions are gradually replacing peacekeeping -- why that's dangerous. The Conversation.

Dorussen, Han (2019) Why the EU-Japan trade deal matters for the UK. LSE Business Review.

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