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Bilo, Denis (2019) Sculpture in site: Examining the relationship between sculpture and site in the principal works of Giambologna. Masters thesis, University of Essex.

Blackmore, Lisa (2019) 'Contraflujos: Orden hidráulico y ecologías residuales en el paisaje dominicano.' Iberoamericana. América Latina - España - Portugal, 19 (72). 57 - 80. ISSN 1577-3388

Blackmore, Lisa (2019) 'El Helicoide and La Torre de David as Phantom Pavilions: Rethinking Spectacles of Progress in Venezuela.' In: Blackmore, Lisa and Jarman, Rebecca and Plaza, Penelope, (eds.) The Politics of Culture in the Chávez Era. Wiley-Blackwell, 136 - 157. ISBN 9781119531036

Blackmore, Lisa and Jarman, Rebecca and Plaza, Penelope (2019) 'Introduction: Charting Cultural Currents in Venezuela's Pink Tide.' In: Blackmore, Lisa and Jarman, Rebecca and Plaza, Penelope, (eds.) The Politics of Culture in the Chávez Era. SLAS/BLAR Book Series . Wiley-Blackwell, 5 - 17. ISBN 9781119531036

Blackmore, Lisa and Jarman, Rebecca and Plaza, Penélope (2019) The Politics of Culture in the Chávez Era. SLAS/BLAR Book Series . Wiley Blackwell. ISBN 978-1-119-53103-6

Blackmore, Lisa and Jarman, Rebecca and Plaza, Penélope (2019) The Politics of Culture in the Chávez Era. Bulletin of Latin American Research Book Series . Wiley Blackwell.

Burch, Matthew (2019) 'Against Our Better Judgment.' In: Burch, Matthew and Marsh, Jack and McMullin, Irene, (eds.) Normativity, Meaning, and the Promise of Phenomenology. Routledge Research in Phenomenology . Routledge. ISBN 9781138479913

Burch, Matthew and Furman, Katherine (2019) 'Objectivity in Science and Law: A Shared Rescue Strategy.' International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 64. 60 - 70. ISSN 0160-2527

Chryssouli, Georgia (2019) The Alchemist of the Surreal and the Uncanny Valley: Jan Švankmajer, the puppet and eerie animation. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco, Paola and Winterbottom, Mark and Galeazzi, Fabrizio and Gogan, Mike (2019) 'Ksar Said: Building Tunisian young people's critical engagement with their heritage.' Sustainability, 11 (5). ISSN 2071-1050

Duxbury, Catherine (2019) 'Of Monkeys, Men and Menstruation: Gendered Dualisms and the Absent Referent in Mid‐Twentieth Century British Menstrual Science.' Journal of Historical Sociology, 32 (1). 94 - 107. ISSN 0952-1909

Duxbury, Catherine (2019) 'Property, Pain and Pastoral Power: The Advent of Animal Welfare in the Review of the 1876 Cruelty to Animals Act, 1947-1965.' Journal for Critical Animal Studies, 16 (2). 3 - 33. ISSN 1948-352X

Freyenhagen, Fabian (2019) 'Characterising social pathologies: an analytic grid.' Studies in Social and Political Thought, 28. 15 - 20. ISSN 1467-2219

Freyenhagen, Fabian (2019) 'Dogmatischer Dogmatismusvorwurf: Eine Replik auf Stefan Müller-Doohm und Roman Yos [‘Dogmatic Allegation of Dogmatism: A Reply to Stefan Müller-Doohm and Roman Yos’].' Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie, 67 (1). 42 - 58. ISSN 0012-1045

Gormley, Steven (2019) 'Deliberation, Unjust Exclusion, and the Rhetorical Turn.' Contemporary Political Theory, 18 (2). 202 - 226. ISSN 1470-8914

Jütten, Timo (2019) 'Adorno on Hope.' Philosophy and Social Criticism, 45 (3). 284 - 306. ISSN 0191-4537

Khurana, Thomas (2019) '‘I do not cognize myself through being conscious of myself as thinking’: Self-knowledge and the irreducibility of self-objectification in Kant.' Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 49 (7). 956 - 979. ISSN 0045-5091

Kowalewski, Jakub (2019) The Phenomenology of Ethical Self-Awareness. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Lodder, M (2019) Tattoo: An Art History (Forthcoming). IB Tauris. ISBN 9781780762364 (In Press)

Martin, Wayne (2019) 'Fichte on Freedom.' In: Hoeltzel, Steven, (ed.) The Palgrave Fichte Handbook. Palgrave Handbooks in German Idealism . Palgrave, 285 - 306. ISBN 978-3-030-26507-6

Martin, Wayne and Gurbai, Sándor (2019) 'Surveying the Geneva impasse: Coercive care and human rights.' International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 64. 117 - 128. ISSN 0160-2527

Odigbo, IM (2019) Recognition, Normative Reconstruction and Economic Justice: National and Transnational Perspectives. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Oliver, Samuel J (2019) History and ideality in Husserl, Derrida, and the Critical Theory tradition. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Owen, Gareth S and Martin, Wayne and Gergel, Tania (2019) 'Misevaluating the Future: Affective Disorder and Decision-Making Capacity for Treatment-A Temporal Understanding.' Psychopathology, 51 (6). 371 - 379. ISSN 0254-4962

Presciutti, Diana Bullen (2019) 'Miracles in Monochrome: Grisaille in Visual Hagiography.' Art History, 42 (5). 862 - 891. ISSN 0141-6790

Presciutti, Diana Bullen (2019) 'Sleeping with the Enemy: Infertility and Wife Murder in a Miracle of St. Peter Martyr.' In: Kuuliala, Jenni and Peake, Rose-Marie and Räisänen-Schröder, Päivi, (eds.) Lived Religion and Everyday Life in Early Modern Hagiographic Material. Palgrave Studies in the History of Experience . Palgrave MacMillan, 127 - 151. ISBN 9783030155537, 3030155536

Radtke, Allen E (2019) Personhood, Collective Intention and Corporate Moral Responsibility. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Schaub, Joerg (2019) 'Aesthetic Freedom and Democratic Ethical Life: A Hegelian Account of the Relationship between Aesthetics and Democratic Politics.' European Journal of Philosophy, 27 (1). 75 - 97. ISSN 0966-8373

Schaub, Joerg and Odigbo, Ikechukwu M (2019) 'Expanding the Taxonomy of (Mis-)Recognition in the Economic Sphere.' European Journal of Social Theory, 22 (1). 103 - 122. ISSN 1368-4310

Seymour, Kate (2019) Rethinking critical theory between Rancière and the Frankfurt School. PhD thesis, University of Essex.

Tymkiw, Michael (2019) 'Floor Mosaics, Romanità, and Spectatorship: The Foro Mussolini’s Piazzale dell’Impero.' The Art Bulletin, 101 (2). 109 - 132. ISSN 0004-3079

Tymkiw, Michael and Foulsham, Tom (2019) 'Eye Tracking, Spatial Biases, and Normative Spectatorship in Museums.' Leonardo. ISSN 0024-094X

Watts, Daniel (2019) 'The Fullness of Time: Kierkegaardian Themes in Dreyer's Ordet.' Religions, 10 (1). ISSN 2077-1444

Watts, Daniel and Stern, Robert (2019) 'Valuing Humanity: Kierkegaardian Worries about Korsgaardian Transcendental Arguments.' International Journal of Philosophy and Theology, 80 (4-5). 424 - 442. ISSN 2169-2327

Wood, Elizabeth (2019) #I'm With Her: An Artistic Exploration of Online Communication and Relationships. Masters thesis, University of Essex.

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