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Allum, N (2007) 'An empirical test of competing theories of hazard-related trust: The case of GM food.' Risk Analysis, 27 (4). 935 - 946. ISSN 0272-4332


Bailey, M (2007) '"He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear": Christian Pedagogy and Religious Broadcasting During the Inter-War Period.' Westminster Papers in Communications and Culture, 4 (1). 4 - 25. ISSN 1744-6708

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Beirne, Piers and South, Nigel (2007) Issues in Green Criminology: Confronting Harms against Environments, Humanity and Other Animals. Willan Publishing. ISBN 978-1843922209


Canessa, A (2007) 'Who is indigenous? Self-identification, indigeneity, and claims to justice in contemporary Bolivia.' Urban Anthropology, 36 (3). 195 - 237. ISSN 0894-6019

Canessa, A (2007) 'A postcolonial turn: Social and political change in the new indigenous order of Bolivia.' Urban Anthropology, 36 (3). 145 - 159. ISSN 0894-6019

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Cox, P (2007) 'Compulsion, voluntarism, and venereal disease: Governing sexual health in England after the contagious diseases acts.' Journal of British Studies, 46 (1). 91 - 115. ISSN 0021-9371


Davies, Pamela and Francis, Peter and Greer, Chris (2007) 'Victims, Crime and Society.' In: Davies, Pamela and Francis, Peter and Greer, Chris, (eds.) Victims, Crime and Society. SAGE Publications Ltd, 1 - 19. ISBN 978-1412907590

Davies, Pamela and Francis, Peter and Greer, Chris (2007) Victims, Crime and Society. SAGE Publications Ltd. ISBN 978-1412907590


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Fussey, P (2007) 'An interrupted transmission? Processes of CCTV implementation and the impact of human agency.' Surveillance and Society, 4 (3). 229 - 256. ISSN 1477-7487


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Greer, Chris and Aitchison, Andy (2007) 'Prisoners at work: A collaboration between documentary photographer Andy Aitchison, Barbed graphic design studio (HMP Coldingley) and the Howard League for Penal Reform’.' Crime, Media, Culture: an international journal, 3 (2). 207 - 214. ISSN 1741-6590

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Guveli, Ayse and Need, Ariana and de Graaf, Nan Dirk (2007) 'Socio-political, cultural and economic preferences and behaviour of the social and cultural specialists and the technocrats. Social class or education?' Social Indicators Research, 81 (3). 597 - 631. ISSN 0303-8300


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Harvey, M (2007) 'The rise of supermarkets and asymmetries of economic power.' In: Burch, D and Lawrence, G, (eds.) Supermarkets and agri-food supply chains: transformations in the production and consumption of foods. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, 51 - 73. ISBN 9781781008546

Harvey, M and McMeekin, A (2007) Public or private economies of knowledge?: Turbulence in the biological sciences. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781845420963

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Kjærnes, U and Harvey, M and Warde, A (2007) Trust in food: A comparative and institutional analysis. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9781403998910


Lubbersa, M and Guveli, Ayse (2007) 'Voting LPF: Stratification and the Varying Importance of Attitudes.' Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, 17 (1). 21 - 47. ISSN 1745-7289


McGoey, Linsey (2007) 'On the will to ignorance in bureaucracy.' Economy and Society, 36 (2). 212 - 235. ISSN 0308-5147

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Morris, L (2007) 'New labour's community of rights: Welfare, immigration and asylum.' Journal of Social Policy, 36 (1). 39 - 57. ISSN 0047-2794


Plummer, K (2007) 'The Flow of Boundaries : Gays, Queers and Intimate Citizenship.' In: Downes, D and Rock, P and Chinkin, C and Gearty, C, (eds.) Crime, Social Control and Human Rights: from moral panics to states of denial, essays in honour of Stanley Cohen. Willan Publishing.

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South, Nigel (2007) 'The Corporate Colonisation of Nature: Bio-Prospecting, Bio-Piracy and the Development of Green Criminology.' In: Beirne, Piers and South, Nigel, (eds.) Issues in Green Criminology: confronting harms against environments, humanity and other animals. Willan Publishing, Devon, pp. 230-247. ISBN 978-1-84392-219-3


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Turton, J (2007) Child abuse, gender and society. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 9780203016091, 0203016092


Varrel, Aurelie and Catarino, Christine and Crowhurst, Isabel (2007) 'Genre et migration: bilan et perspectives.' In: Audebert, Cedric and Ma Mung, Emmanuel, (eds.) Les migrations internationals: enjeux contemporains et questions nouvelles. Université de Deusto, 237 - 241. ISBN 9788498305333

van Staveren, I and Elson, D and Grown, C and Cagatay, N (2007) The Feminist Economics of Trade. Routledge.


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Waldinger, Roger and Luthra, Renee Reichl (2007) 'Today's second generation: getting ahead or falling behind?' In: Fix, Michael, (ed.) Securing the future: US immigrant integration policy, a reader. Migration Policy Institute. ISBN 978-0-9742819-9-5

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