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Ades, Dawn (2010) Andrew Lord. Milton Keynes Gallery and Santa Monica Museum of Art. ISBN 9780955761089

Ades, Dawn (2010) 'Objects of Enquiry: An Art Historian’s Response to Peter Burke.' Cultural and Social History, 7 (4). pp. 445-452. ISSN 1478-0038

Ades, Dawn and Ballard, JG and Self, Will (2010) Crash. Gagosian Gallery. ISBN 9781935263074

Atwood, B and Thompson, K and Willett, C (2010) Food Law (3rd edition). Tottel Publishing.


Bahun, Sanja (2010) 'There Was Once A Country An impossible chronotope in the writings of Slavenka Drakulić and Dubravka Ugrešić.' European Journal of English Studies, 14 (1). pp. 63-74. ISSN 1382-5577

Baumann, Gerd and el Issawi, Fatima (2010) 'The BBC Arabic Service: Changing Political Mediascapes.' Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication, 3 (2). pp. 137-151. ISSN 1873-9857

Burch, M (2010) 'Blurred vision: Marion on the ?possibility? of revelation.' International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 67 (3). pp. 157-171. ISSN 0020-7047

Burch, M (2010) 'Death and Deliberation: Overcoming the Decisionism Critique of Heidegger's Practical Philosophy.' Inquiry, 53 (3). pp. 211-234. ISSN 0020-174X


Calley, D (2010) Animal rights as a social movement and as a philosophical perspective. UNSPECIFIED. Essex Internet Encyclopaedia of Human Rights.

Colson, Justin (2010) 'Alien Communities and Alien Fraternities in Later Medieval London.' The London Journal, 35 (2). pp. 111-143. ISSN 0305-8034


Davies, J (2010) 'Review of Jonathan Spangler, The Society of Prince: the Lorraine-Guise and the conservation of power and wealth in seventeenth-century France.' Reviews in History.

Davies, J (2010) 'Review of Katherine Macdonald, Biography in Early Modern France 1540-1630: Forms and Functions.' Modern Language Review, 105 (1). pp. 241-242. ISSN 0026-7937


El-Issawi, Fatima and Georgiou, Myria (2010) 'Media use at the crossroads: Nicosia.' Journalism, 11 (6). pp. 758-763. ISSN 1464-8849


Fagan, A (2010) The Atlas of Human Rights: Mapping Violations of Freedom Around the Globe. University of California Press.

Fejős, Andrea (2010) The Features of New Directive on Consumer Credit. In: International Biennial Conference of West University of Timisoara, ? - ?.

Finburgh, C (2010) 'External and Internal Dramaturgies: The French Context1.' Contemporary Theatre Review, 20 (2). pp. 203-213. ISSN 1048-6801

Finlayson, JG and Freyenhagen, F (2010) Habermas and Rawls: Disputing the Political. Routledge Studies in Contemporary Philosophy . Routledge, pp. 1-316.

Fox O'Mahony, L and Sweeney, J (2010) 'The exclusion of (failed) asylum seekers from housing and home : towards an oppositional discourse.' Journal of law and society., 37 (2). pp. 285-314. ISSN 0263-323X

Freeman, TS (2010) 'The Power of Polemic: Catholic Responses to the Calendar in Foxe's ?Book of Martyrs?' The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 61 (03). pp. 475-495. ISSN 0022-0469

Freyenhagen, F and Schaub, J (2010) 'Hat hier jemand gesagt, der Kaiser sei nackt? Eine Verteidigung der Geussschen Kritik an Rawls? idealtheoretischem Ansatz [?Did Somebody Just Say the Emperor is Naked? In Defence of Geuss's Objections to Rawls's Ideal-Theoretical Approach?].' Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie, 58 (3). pp. 457-477. ISSN 0012-1045


Gerdes, B and Grindon, G and Nunes, R (2010) 'Protests past and protest futures: a critical conversation about the state of protest and cultural composition.' The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, 7.

Gilbert, G (2010) 'The Contribution of the European Court of Human Rights to the Promotion of the Effective Participation of National Minorities: Groping in the Dark for Something that Might Not Be There.' International Journal of Minority and Group Rights, 16 (4). pp. 611-619. ISSN 1385-4879

Gilbert, G and Hampson, FJ and Sandoval, C (2010) The Delivery of Human Rights: Essays in honour of Professor Sir Nigel Rodley. Routledge.

Gilbert, G and Hampson, FJ and Sandoval, C (2010) Strategic Visions for Human Rights: Essays in Honour of Professor Kevin Boyle. Routledge.

Gilbert, G and Sandoval, C (2010) 'Cross-border conflict and international law.' Accord, 22. pp. 20-24.

Grant, M (2010) After The Bomb: Civil Defence and Nuclear War in Britain, 1945-68. Palgrave Macmillan, London.

Grindon, G (2010) 'Alchemist of the revolution: the affective materialism of Georges Bataille.' Third Text, 24 (3). pp. 305-317. ISSN 0952-8822

Grindon, G (2010) 'Art and activism.' Art Monthly, 333. pp. 9-12. ISSN 0142-6702

Grindon, G (2010) 'Bike Bloc stories.' Groundswell (1). pp. 2-12.

Guinchard, Audrey (2010) 'Crime in virtual worlds: The limits of criminal law.' International Review of Law, Computers & Technology, 24 (2). pp. 175-182. ISSN 1360-0869

Gurney, PJ (2010) 'Deborah Cohen, Household Gods. The British and their Possessions (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2006).' BBC History Magazine, 11 (2). p. 74.


Higgs, E (2010) 'Fingerprints and Citizenship: the British State and the Identification of Pensioners in the Interwar Period.' History Workshop Journal, 69 (1). pp. 52-67. ISSN 1363-3554

Higgs, EJ (2010) 'Change and continuity in the techniques and technologies of identification over the second Christian millennium.' Identity in the Information Society, 62 (4). pp. 345-354. ISSN 1477-4569

Hulme, Karen (2010) 'Taking care to protect the environment against damage: a meaningless obligation?' International Review of the Red Cross, 92 (879). pp. 675-691. ISSN 1816-3831

Hund, WD and Krikler, JM and Roediger, D (2010) Wages of Whiteness and Racist Symbolic Capital. Racism Analysis - Series B: Yearbooks . LIT Verlag, Berlin.

Hunt, PH (2010) Supplementary Note on the UN Special Rapporteur's Report on Maternal Mortality in India (A/HRC/14/20/Add.2). Human Rights Centre, Colchester.

Hunt, PH and Khosla, R (2010) 'Are drug companies living up to their human rights responsibilities? The perspective of the former United Nations Special Rapporteur (2002-2008).' PLoS medicine, 7 (9). creators-Hunt=3APaul_H=3A=3A. ISSN 1549-1676


Iversen, Margaret (2010) Chance. Documents of Contemporary Art . The MIT Press, London and Cambridge Massachusetts, pp. 12-27.

Iversen, Margaret and Melville, Stephen (2010) Writing Art History Disciplinary Departures. University of Chicago Press, Chicago.


Jütten, Timo (2010) 'What is Reification? A Critique of Axel Honneth.' Inquiry, 53 (3). pp. 235-256. ISSN 0020-174X


Kelley, SM (2010) Los Brazos de Dios: A plantation society in the Texas borderlands, 1821-1865. UNSPECIFIED, pp. 1-283.

Kenny, M and Devenney, J and Fox O'Mahony, L (2010) Unconscionability in European private financial transactions : protecting the vulnerable. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Kuti, E (2010) Dear Mr Spectator, Series 2. BBC.


Landman, T (2010) 'Violence, Democracy and Human Rights in Latin America.' In: Goldstein, DM and Arias, ED, (eds.) Violent Democracies in Latin America. The Cultures and Practice of Violence . Duke University Press, 226 - 241. ISBN 9780822346388

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Leader, SL (2010) 'Legal Theory and the Variety of Legal Cultures.' Journal of Civil Law Studies, 3. pp. 99-110. ISSN 1944-3749

Leader, Sheldon (2010) 'Legal science, social science, and the problem of competing values.' Droit et société, n°75 (2). p. 363. ISSN 0769-3362

Lubell, N (2010) Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors. Oxford University Press (OUP), Oxford.


Martin, W (2010) 'Hegel and the Philosophy of Food.' Journal of Moral Philosophy, 7 (2). pp. 279-290. ISSN 1740-4681

McGregor, L (2010) 'Are Declaratory Orders Appropriate for Continuing Human Rights Violations? The Case of Khadr v Canada.' Human Rights Law Review, 10 (3). pp. 487-503. ISSN 1461-7781

McMullin, Irene (2010) 'A MODEST PROPOSAL: ACCOUNTING FOR THE VIRTUOUSNESS OF MODESTY.' The Philosophical Quarterly, 60 (241). pp. 783-807. ISSN 0031-8094

Mugasha, A (2010) 'Global Financial Transactions and Jurisdictional fragmentation: Inconsistent Decisions by Leading Trans-Atlantic Courts.' Penn State International Law Review, 29 (2). pp. 553-580. ISSN 1546-3435


Nason, S and Hardy, D and Sunkin, M (2010) 'Regionalisation of the Administrative Court and Access to Justice.' Judicial Review, 15 (3). pp. 220-227. ISSN 1085-4681


Owen, R (2010) Developing students' critical thinking skills through peer assessment and information literacy. In: Learning in Law Annual Conference 2010: Perspectives on progress, ? - ?, University of Warwick.

Owen, R (2010) Making a Difference: Using Clinical Legal Education for Policy Change. In: The Eighth International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference in association with the Clinical Legal Education Organisation, ? - ?, Northumbria University.

Owen, R (2010) 'Review of External Examining Arrangements in the UK.' The Law Teacher, 44 (3). pp. 404-406. ISSN 0306-9400

Owen, R (2010) 'The Sunday Times Festival of Education ? a personal experience.' The Law Teacher, 44 (3). pp. 394-397. ISSN 0306-9400

Owen, R (2010) 'Will the Cambridge Pre-U slay grade inflation?' The Law Teacher, 44 (3). pp. 397-404. ISSN 0306-9400


Palmer, E (2010) 'Beyond Arbitrary Interference: The Right to a Home - Developing Socio-Economic Duties in the European Convention on Human Rights.' Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 61 (3). pp. 225-243. ISSN 0029-3105

Palmer, E (2010) 'The Child Poverty Act 2010: holding government to account for strategic promises in a Precessionary climate?' European Human Rights Law Review, 2010 (3). pp. 304-316. ISSN 1361-1526

Peers, S (2010) 'Non-regression Clauses: The Fig Leaf Has Fallen.' Industrial Law Journal, 39 (4). pp. 436-443. ISSN 0305-9332

Peers, S (2010) 'Supremacy, equality and human rights: comment on kücükdevect (C-555/07).' European Law Review, 35 (6). pp. 849-856. ISSN 0307-5400

Peers, Steve (2010) 'Divorce, European Style: The First Authorization of Enhanced Cooperation.' European Constitutional Law Review, 6 (3). pp. 339-358. ISSN 1574-0196

Peers, Steve (2010) 'Legislative Update, EC Immigration and Asylum Law: The New Visa Code.' European Journal of Migration and Law, 12 (1). pp. 105-131. ISSN 1388-364X

Platt, L and Sunkin, M and Calvo, K (2010) 'Judicial Review Litigation as an Incentive to Change in Local Authority Public Services in England and Wales.' Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 20 (Supp 2). i243-i260. ISSN 1053-1858

Presciutti, Diana Bullen (2010) 'Carità e potere:representing the Medici grand dukes as ‘fathers of the Innocenti’.' Renaissance Studies, 24 (2). pp. 234-259. ISSN 0269-1213


Rossol, N (2010) 'Performing the Nation: Sports, Spectacles, and Aesthetics in Germany, 1926–1936.' Central European History, 43 (4). pp. 616-638. ISSN 0008-9389

Rossol, N (2010) Performing the nation in interwar Germany: Sport, spectacle and political symbolism, 1926-36. Palgrave Macmillan.

Rossol, N (2010) 'Review Essay: Chancen der Weimarer Republik.' Neue Politische Literatur, 55 (3). pp. 393-419. ISSN 0028-3320

Röhrig Assunção, Matthias (2010) 'A memória do tempo de cativeiro no Maranhão’. Dossiê ‘Patrimônio e memória da escravidão atlântica: História e Política.' Tempo. Revista do Departamento de História da UFF, 14 (28). pp. 67-110.


Schaub, J (2010) 'Ideale und/oder nicht-ideale Theorie ? oder weder noch? Ein Literaturbericht zum neuesten Methodenstreit in der politischen Philosophie [Ideal and/or Non-Ideal Theory ? or Neither Nor? A Review of the Most Recent Methodological Debates in Political Philosophy].' Zeitschrift f�r philosophische Forschung, 64 (3). pp. 393-409. ISSN 0044-3301

Schulze, R (2010) '2 August 1944: The Liquidation of the Auschwitz Zigeunerfamilienlager.' The Holocaust in History and Memory, 3. pp. 147-159.

Schulze, R (2010) 'The Roma IDP Camps in Northern Mitrovica, Kosovo: Many Troubling Questions and Far Too Few Answers.' The Holocaust in History and Memory, 3. pp. 119-138.

Sheeran, SP (2010) Contemporary Issues in UN Peacekeeping and International Law. Discussion Paper. UN Peacekeeping Law Reform Project , University of Essex, Colchester. (Unpublished)

Sheeran, SP (2010) UN Peacekeeping and the Model Status of Forces Agreement. UNSPECIFIED. UN Peacekeeping Law Reform Project, University of Essex.

Stone, M (2010) 'Levinas and Political Subjectivity in an Age of Global Biopower.' Law, Culture and the Humanities, 6 (1). pp. 105-123. ISSN 1743-8721

Sunkin, M and Platt, L and Calvo, K (2010) 'The Positive Effect of Judicial Review on the Quality of Local Government.' Judicial Review, 15 (4). pp. 337-342. ISSN 1085-4681


Viterbo, H (2010) 'The Crisis of Heterosexuality: The Construction of Sexual Identities in Defamation Law.' Tel Aviv University Law Review, 53 (3). pp. 5-50.


Watts, D (2010) 'Subjective Thinking: Kierkegaard on Hegel's Socrates.' Hegel Bulletin, 61 (1). pp. 23-44. ISSN 2051-5367

Willett, C (2010) 'Fairness and Consumer Decision Making under the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive.' Journal of Consumer Policy, 33 (3). pp. 247-273. ISSN 0168-7034

Wright, J (2010) 'Retribution but No Recompense: A Critique of the Torturer’s Immunity from Civil Suit.' Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 30 (1). pp. 143-178. ISSN 0143-6503

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