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Antonino, A and Birke, R and De Feo, Vito and Finocchietto, JM and Gaudino, R and La Porta, A and Neri, F and Petracca, M (2007) The WONDER testbed: Architecture and experimental demonstration. In: 33rd European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication - ECOC 2007, 2007-09-16 - 2007-09-20, Berlin.


Bianciotto, A and De Feo, Vito and Gaudino, R and la Porta, A and Neri, F and Petracca, M (2007) Experimentation of single-hop WDM rings for metro and distributed switching applications. In: 2006 International Conference on Photonics in Switching, 2006-10-16 - 2006-10-18, Heraklion, Greece.


Callaghan, V and Chin, J and Zamudio, V and Clarke, G and Shahi, A and Gardner, M (2007) Domestic Pervasive Information Systems: End-user programming of digital homes. In: Journal of Management Information Systems, Special Edition on Pervasive Information Systems. M E Sharpe, New York, pp. 129-149. ISBN 978-0-7656-1689-0.

Cinel, Caterina and Boldini, Angela and Russo, Riccardo and Fox, Elaine (2007) Effects of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on an auditory order threshold task. Bioelectromagnetics, 28 (6). pp. 493-496. DOI https://doi.org/10.1002/bem.20321


Eden, Amnon H and Gasparis, Epameinondas (2007) CSM-473: Design Mining in LePUS3/Class-Z:Search Space and Abstraction/Concretization Operators. Technical Report. CSM-473, University of Essex, Colchester.

Eden, Amnon H and Nicholson, Jonathan and Gasparis, Epameinondas (2007) CSM-471: Abstract Semantics for Java 1.4 Programs. Technical Report. CSM-471, University of Essex, Colchester.

Eden, Amnon H and Nicholson, Jonathan and Gasparis, Epameinondas (2007) CSM-472: The 'Gang of Four' Companion. Technical Report. CSM-472, University of Essex, Colchester.

Eden, Amnon H and Nicholson, Jonathan and Gasparis, Epameinondas (2007) CSM-474: LePUS3 and Class-Z Reference Manual. Technical Report. CSM-474, University of Essex, Colchester.

Ell, Todd A and Sangwine, Stephen J (2007) Quaternion involutions and anti-involutions. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 53 (1). pp. 137-143. DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.camwa.2006.10.029

Eltiti, Stacy and Wallace, Denise and Ridgewell, Anna and Zougkou, Konstantina and Russo, Riccardo and Sepulveda, Francisco and Mirshekar-Syahkal, Dariush and Rasor, Paul and Deeble, Roger and Fox, Elaine (2007) Does Short-Term Exposure to Mobile Phone Base Station Signals Increase Symptoms in Individuals Who Report Sensitivity to Electromagnetic Fields? A Double-Blind Randomized Provocation Study. Environmental Health Perspectives, 115 (11). pp. 1603-1608. DOI https://doi.org/10.1289/ehp.10286


Fasli, M (2007) Agent Technology For E-Commerce. Wiley, Chichester. ISBN 9780470030301.


Gekas, John and Fasli, Maria (2007) Employing Graph Network Analysis for Web Service Composition. International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering, 2 (4). pp. 21-40. DOI https://doi.org/10.4018/jitwe.2007100102


Hagras, Hani (2007) Embedding Computational Intelligence in Pervasive Spaces. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 6 (3). pp. 85-89. DOI https://doi.org/10.1109/mprv.2007.54


Jammeh, EA and Fleury, M and Ghanbari, M (2007) Delay-based congestion avoidance for video communication with fuzzy logic control. In: Packet Video 2007. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp. 8-17. ISBN 9781424409815.


Langdon, William B (2007) PRNG Random Numbers on GPU. Technical Report. CES-477, University of Essex, Colchester.

Lynch, Christopher and Hagras, Hani and Callaghan, Victor (2007) Parallel Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Co-Processors for Engine Management. In: 2007 IEEE International Fuzzy Systems Conference, 2007-07-23 - 2007-07-26.


Moraglio, Alberto and Yoon, Yourim and Kim, Yong-Hyuk and Moon, Byung-Ro (2007) CSM-466: Geometric Crossovers for Real-code Representation. Technical Report. CSM-466, University of Essex, Colchester.

Moraglio, Alberto and Yoon, Yourim and Kim, Yong-Hyuk and Moon, Byung-Ro (2007) CSM-467: Quotient Geometric Crossovers. Technical Report. CSM-467, University of Essex, Colchester.


Nicosia, Giuseppe and Stracquadanio, Giovanni (2007) Generalized Pattern Search and Mesh Adaptive Direct Search Algorithms for Protein Structure Prediction. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.


Peng, Wei and Zhang, Qingfu and Li, Hui (2007) CES-478 Comparison between MOEA/D and NSGA-II on the Multiobjective Travelling Salesman Problem. Technical Report. CES-478, University of Essex, Colchester.

Poli, R (2007) CSM-465: The Sampling Distribution of Particle Swarm Optimisers and their Stability. UNSPECIFIED. CSM-465, University of Essex, Colchester.


Razavi, R and Fleury, M and Ghanbari, M (2007) Fuzzy Control of Adaptive Timeout for Video Streaming over a Bluetooth Interconnect. In: 2007 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp. 27-32. ISBN 9781424415212. Official URL: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/4381469/pr...

Razavi, R and Fleury, M and Ghanbari, M (2007) Fuzzy Logic Control of Adaptive ARQ for Video Distribution over a Bluetooth Wireless Link. Advances in Multimedia, 2007 (45798). pp. 1-13. DOI https://doi.org/10.1155/2007/45798

Razavi, R and Fleury, M and Ghanbari, M (2007) Fuzzy logic control of power-aware video streaming over a bluetooth interconnect. In: Packet Video 2007. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), pp. 218-227. ISBN 9781424409815.


Salhi, Abdellah and Rodríguez, José Antonio Vázquez and Zhang, Qingfu (2007) An estimation of distribution algorithm with guided mutation for a complex flow shop scheduling problem. In: GECCO07: Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, ? - ?.

Stephens, Christopher R and Poli, Riccardo (2007) Coarse-Grained Dynamics for Generalized Recombination. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 11 (4). pp. 541-557. DOI https://doi.org/10.1109/tevc.2006.884043


Udenze, Adrian and McDonald-Maier, Klaus (2007) Renewal theory sleep time optimisation for scheduling events in Wireless Sensor Networks. In: 2007 2nd NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems, 2007-08-05 - 2007-08-08, Edinburgh.


Vickers, AJ and Dudley, R and Henning, I and Ma, Y (2007) A semiconductor based pump‐probe system and its application to THz spectroscopy. In: UNSPECIFIED, ? - ?.

Vickers, AJ and Dudley, R and Reeves, PJ and Reynolds, CA and Gadde, S and Nithyanand, TN and Ma, Y (2007) THz time-domain (THz-TDs) spectroscopy of bovine rhodopsin from rod outer segments. In: 2007 Joint 32nd International Conference on Infrared and Millimeter Waves and the 15th International Conference on Terahertz Electronics (IRMMW-THz), 2007-09-02 - 2007-09-09.


Yoshida, Ken and Kurstjens, Mathijs and Citi, Luca and Koch, Klaus Peter and Micera, Silvestro (2007) Recording experience with the thin-film Longitudinal Intra-Fascicular Electrode, a multichannel peripheral nerve interface. In: 2007 IEEE 10th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics, 2007-06-13 - 2007-06-15.

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