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Acerra, Nicola and Kad, Neil M. and Griffith, Douglas A. and Ott, Stanislav and Crowther, Damian C. and Mason, Jody M. (2014) 'Retro-inversal of Intracellular Selected β-Amyloid-Interacting Peptides: Implications for a Novel Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment.' Biochemistry, 53 (13). pp. 2101-2111. ISSN 0006-2960

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Ahmed, Nesar and Bunting, Stuart W and Rahman, Sanzidur and Garforth, Christopher J (2014) 'Community-based climate change adaptation strategies for integrated prawn-fish-rice farming in Bangladesh to promote social-ecological resilience.' Reviews In Aquaculture, 6 (1). pp. 20-35. ISSN 1753-5123

Andrea Barrera Zambrano, V and Lawson, T and Olmos, E and Fernández-García, N and Borland, AM (2014) 'Leaf anatomical traits which accommodate the facultative engagement of crassulacean acid metabolism in tropical trees of the genus Clusia.' Journal of Experimental Botany, 65 (13). 3513 - 3523. ISSN 0022-0957

Antonyuk, SV and Olczak, M and Olczak, T and Ciuraszkiewicz, J and Strange, RW (2014) 'The structure of a purple acid phosphatase involved in plant growth and pathogen defence exhibits a novel immunoglobulin-like fold.' IUCrJ, 1 (2). 101 - 109. ISSN 2052-2525

Arora, Jigyasa (2014) Analysis of a novel cytotoxic drug induced TRAIL-R2 signalling complex using a new FACS-based Smac/DIABLO release assay. Masters thesis, University of Essex.

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Bharucha, ZP (2014) The Brazil-China Soy Complex: A Global Link in ihe Food-Energy-Climate Change Trilemma. UNSPECIFIED. Centre for Research in Economic Sociology and Innovation (CRESI) Working Paper 2014-01, University of Essex, Colchester, UK.

Bharucha, ZP and Smith, D and Pretty, J (2014) 'All Paths Lead to Rain: Explaining why Watershed Development in India Does Not Alleviate the Experience of Water Scarcity.' Journal of Development Studies, 50 (9). 1209 - 1225. ISSN 0022-0388

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Borell, EM and Steinke, M and Horwitz, R and Fine, M (2014) 'Increasing pCO<inf>2</inf> correlates with low concentrations of intracellular dimethylsulfoniopropionate in the sea anemone Anemonia viridis.' Ecology and Evolution, 4 (4). 441 - 449. ISSN 2045-7758

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